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Jobseekers Increasingly Go Mobile To Find Their Dream Job - Infographic

More people are searching for jobs using their mobile phones every day. Nowadays, mobile devices are redefining the world of recruiting and the hiring landscape as they help jobseekers make career decisions. According to a Glassdoor survey released this year, the overwhelming majority of job hunters and employees (89%) plan to use their mobile devices during the job search process in the next 12 months, while 45% of jobseekers say they search for jobs using their mobile phones at least once a day.

For most jobseekers (59%), applying as soon as a vacancy is posted online gives them a better chance of being considered for a job, therefore, having direct access to the latest job listings matters a lot to job seekers when it comes to mobile.

Among the most popular career-related activities jobseekers do on their mobile device are:

- Search for jobs (51%)

- Save job listings so they can apply from their PC later (44%)

- Receive real-time alerts about job openings (44%)

- Check out a company’s career site (39%)

-  Read company reviews from employees (37%)

The top challenges of mobile job searching

As the industry adjusts to the new reality where jobseekers are more engaged on their mobile devices than on their desktop, there are certain challenges involved in mobile job searching.

  •  Almost 1 in 2 jobseekers find it difficult to apply to jobs on a mobile device
  •  1 in 4 are discouraged from applying to a job if they site they browse or job listings are not mobile-optimized.

The top three reasons that deter job seekers from using a mobile device when applying for a job are:

  1.  It’s easier to apply from a desktop/laptop (69%)
  2.  Many company career sites and job listings are not mobile optimized (38%)
  3.  They are more likely to make a mistake (37%)

Overall, it seems that the trend of mobile job searching is only going to continue, with prospective talent increasingly more likely to apply to their jobs via mobile in the coming year.

Checkout this infographic by Glassdoor to explore more noteworthy insights on mobile job search trends…

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