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Jobseekers Overconfident in their Abilities

A new study by the Career Advisory Board has shown a huge divergence between America’s hiring managers and jobseekers, precisely in what they believe the right skills employees need to thrive in the workplace are.

Almost 72% of jobhunters are confident they know how to show their skills and experience to an interviewer and 56% are certain they know what employers are looking for in candidate today. On the other hand, only a 15% of recruiters who say that nearly all or most applicants qualify to meet the skills and traits their companies are looking for in candidates.

Jobseekers need a mentor  

This sense of self-confidence reported by jobseekers is representative of the mismatch between what hiring managers think is becoming more important and what job hunters think.  The proportion of jobseekers who would depend on their own experience to determine what information to include on their CVs, cover letters and applications rather than seek advice from experts such as career counselors or instructors has increased from 58% in 2012 to 67% in 2013.

An increasing percentage of employers (74%) keep on advising job applicants to consult a mentor, counselor or job coach to help them figure out whether their skills and experience are in line with the job requirements, yet only 40% of jobseekers report doing so.

Madeleine Slutsky, chairman of the Career Advisory Board and vice president of career services at DeVry University stated:

"Job seekers are doing themselves a huge disservice by ignoring the wealth of guidance and insight a mentor could provide. Cultivating relationships with individuals who have experience with the current employment landscape can be a tremendous help in the job search process."

I suppose, like pro athletes have their coach to instruct them and guide them to be at the top of their game,  jobseekers also need a career-coach in order to advance themselves.

All in all, knowing how to assess and properly market yourself as well as being aware of the latest trends in the job market are crucial factors in enhancing your future work prospects.  Last but not least, jobseekers need to discover their real potential and value to invest in those skills and capabilities that recruiters mostly seek for. This discovery process cannot be done without the wisdom of a mentor who can then guide the jobseeker to the right direction.

The infographic - provided by the Career Advisory Board - provides a detailed overview of the results of the study which demonstrates a widening gap between U.S. hiring managers and jobseekers.


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