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LEADERSHIP / JUL. 13, 2014
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How to Keep Staff Motivated

Productivity is crucial in today’s economy. Ideally, you want a team of employees that will work hard. Keeping your employees motivated is crucial. When an individual is more motivated, they’re more productive. Productive work is the key to success in terms of profitability.

If you keep your employees motivated, you’re bound to see a higher level of performance. Makes sense doesn’t it? So, how do you keep your staff motivated and willing to achieve more and more?

Why a Motivated Staff Is Crucial

As mentioned, motivated staff means a more productive staff. When there’s a higher level of production, there’s increased profitability. This is great for the company, but a successful company is nothing without the team behind it.

The following reasons show how important it is to keep your staff motivated and why:

  • Seeking Personal Goals: When an individual is more motivated, they’re more likely to achieve and strive towards their own personal goals. Once you encourage individuals to reach their personal goals, they’ll recognize the link between effort and direct results. This will continue to motivate them.
  • Higher Employee Satisfaction: If your employees are satisfied, they’re likely to progress. If they’re dissatisfied, then they’re more likely to regress. Mangers should be encouraging and empowering employees. When incentives are put into effect, employees tend to respond.
  • Raised Efficiency: How efficient an employee works is not solely based on their abilities. To achieve the best results possible, there needs to be a balance between willingness and ability. Motivating an individual makes them more willing to work hard and increase productivity.

How to Keep Staff Motivated

Now that you’re aware of how important motivated staff is and why, let’s focus on getting your staff to be more highly motivated. Try to incorporate some of the following ideas into your workplace:

  • Encourage New Ideas: If an employee comes to you with an idea, this means that they care. If their idea benefits the company, support their idea and let them run with it. This will motivate them, giving them a goal to work towards. Even if their idea does not work out, it’s important that you allow ideas to develop.
  • Treat Each Individual As An Asset: A company is nothing without the people that are behind it. It’s important that you empower each individual. If they feel empowered within their role, they will begin to meet and possibly exceed expectations. When each person does so, the company grows as a whole.
  • Fight Boredom: Switch things up in the office and don’t be afraid to have a little fun. You can implement random competitions or contests. You can plan a night out for the staff. There’s a million different ways that you can add some excitement to the workplace. Make sure that boredom does not begin to affect productivity.
  • Encourage Human Capital: When a company utilizes all of its resources, employees are bound to be more motivated. Provide all physical, financial, and human resources. That way, you’ll have a staff that is willing to complete their tasks to the best of their ability.
  • Celebrate: Acknowledge personal milestones. Even if you have a staff that consists of fifty people, make sure that each individual is acknowledged on their birthday for instance. You can celebrate anniversaries within the company, or even engagements. It’s important that your staff feels like they’re respected and cared for.
  • Achievements Should Be Recognised: It’s important to recognise hard work and achievements. Simply telling an employee that they’re doing a great job can mean a world of difference. If your employees are continually achieving goals but are not being recognised, they may begin to question what all their hard work is for.
  • Encourage Individuality: Each individual is unique, so encourage individual personalities. This will create a more accepting and dynamic work environment. If employees are free to express themselves, incredible ideas may surface.
  • Be a Leader: If you do not maintain a positive and effective leadership role, how can you expect your employees to give it their all? It’s hard to believe in a company when there is no leadership involved. You need to set an example by being the best possible leader.

Make slights changes around the office and may see a world of difference. Motivating your staff is so important not only for the company, but for each and every individual that contributes to your company. Remember, the company is nothing without the employees that work to make it a success. Respect and motivate your employees, and you will see positive results in return. 

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