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How to Keep Your Christmas Spirit While Working Abroad


If you are working away from home, you may find that it is VERY hard to keep the Christmas spirit alive. Your family may be back at home celebrating the holidays without you, or you may be a lonely single person looking for love on Christmas.

Whatever the case, it’s important to keep your spirits up over the holidays. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your Christmas abroad:

Connect with loved ones

If you can’t be home for Christmas, at least make it a point to spend some time over the holidays communicating with your loved ones. Have a video call as your family opens their presents, and you can take part in the holiday in that small way. You can even send a care package home to your family, and watch them open the presents you sent.

Party where you are

Christmas or some form of holiday is celebrated in just about every part of the world, and there are going to be LOTS of festivities over the holiday. Make sure to take part in these events, and try to get in the festive spirit as much as possible. You can easily find local events to participate in.

Find local Christian communities

If the city or country where you are working is not predominantly Christian, the festivities may be a bit foreign to you. For a taste of home, find a local church or Christian community where you can celebrate the holidays the way you like.

Do Christmassy activities

Even if you have no one to open the presents with, that doesn’t mean you can’t find others to be Christmassy with. Find new friends to hang out with over the holidays, take them carol singing, or enjoy a Christmas Eve bar crawl. Make sure to do as many Christmassy activities as possible, and it will help you to get in the holiday spirit.

Visit your family

It’s highly unlikely that you will be working over the holidays, so why not fly home to visit your family? It’s worth the expense, and you’ll find that it’s a wonderful Christmas present--both for them and for yourself.

Help others

What better way to get in the Christmas spirit than by helping those in need? Instead of moping around all Christmas long, get out and volunteer at a local soup kitchen, homeless shelter, etc. As you see people who have it far worse off than you, you’ll be grateful for your job and family--even if you can’t be with them over the holidays.

Bring your family to visit you

If your family can take time off over the holidays, why not fly them out to visit you? Your company may even help to foot the bill, and you can give your family a wonderful cultural experience over the holidays. They can celebrate Christmas and New Years with you in a brand new country!

Relish the novelty

Just because it’s not the classic Christmas you’re accustomed to, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t Christmas. Why not look for the fun and wonderful in the novelty of a Christmas abroad, and dive into the local celebrations. Be like one of the locals, and make the most of a brand new type of Christmas.

Don’t let your Christmas be a sad, moody time, but enjoy the holidays even if you are far from home and loved ones!

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