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How to Keep Your Copier Functional for a Long Time


The office photocopier is one of the most resilient items of machinery to have defied the rush of office automation that has swept the world of work for decades now. Unlike contemporaries like the typewriter or the dial-face telephone which have passed on to obsolescence, the copier continues to be an integral piece of machinery dictating how we conduct office operations. But how do you keep your photocopier functional for a long time without spending extortionate amounts of money on repairs and maintenance? You will find the tips enumerated below very useful in that respect

Read the Manufacturer’s Manual

Photocopiers are very complex and diverse machines. Even if you have owned a copier for years, this does not mean the same sort of maintenance regimen will apply for your next acquisition. Even pretty routine maintenance procedures can cause irreparable damage to your copier’s delicate internal components. 

The manufacturer’s manual will give the complete details about your copier’s specifications and how you should keep its constituent parts in good working condition. The manual will describe necessary procedures such as replacing consumables like copier paper and toner as well as troubleshooting common problems. Follow these guidelines carefully and you will save yourself a pretty penny in needless repair costs. 

Clean the Interior and the Glass Panel of your Photocopier Regularly

If your copier has a glass panel, like most copiers do, it is absolutely crucial to clean it regularly if your machine is to remain functional for as long as it should. Always have a bottle of glass cleaner nearby and have an employee whose responsibility it is to clean the glass panel every morning. This will ensure that dust and grime does not accumulate on top of the glass panel, affecting the quality and clarity of the copies made.

Over time too, the printer’s interior accumulates a layer of dirt and toner residue. This can gradually clog moving parts, block air vents and generally cause your copier to malfunction. You can prevent this from happening if you regularly clean these parts using a soft piece of cloth to wipe the parts you can reach. You should also use an air blower to get rid of dust caught up in the more intricate sections of the copier.

You can get more detailed instructions on how to clean your copier from this guide made by Artonery, experts in toners and other spare parts for copiers and printers. 

Only Use Fresh Copier Paper

Many of the problems which affect copiers arise because of using paper that has stayed for long in the copier’s tray. Such paper will likely accumulate dust particles and may also absorb moisture. These can lead to abrasive damage on the copier’s interior as well as other costly malfunctions. To avert such eventuality, you should only put as much paper as you are likely to use within a day in the copier’s in-tray. If it happens that some paper is still in the copier at the end of the day, take it out and keep it in a moisture free environment for the night. Be careful to ensure it remains clean and fold free in this environment. Just as well, you should keep the papers in a dark place as light causes copier to yellow. 

Copiers are important pieces of office automation. However, perhaps owing to their unobtrusive passive nature of operation, they often get second rate treatment when it comes to care and maintenance. The tips we have outlined above should nonetheless ensure you get the most out of your office copier for as long a time as possible while keeping repair and maintenance bills at a minimum.

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