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How to Keep Your Employees Happy During Holidays

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Winter is finally here and Christmas holidays are quickly approaching. While it’s widely known, Christmas – and every other holiday season, is such a busy time for everyone, balancing work personal life can be quite a challenge. Your employees may have already started preparations for the festive season and Christmas shopping for family and friends, so it’s most likely that the stress of holiday shopping and other responsibilities have started distracting your employees at work.
If you want to learn how you can keep your employees happy and productive during the holidays, check out the following tips:

#1 Offer a more flexible working schedule


Data from a recent survey revealed that the majority of people interested in flexi-time working find it difficult to achieve work-life balance. This alone makes it obvious that achieving work-life balance is even a greater challenge during holidays. So, help your employees by giving them a day off during the week or at times when work isn’t as demanding or allow them to leave the office 1 or 2 hours earlier than usual.

#2 Offer de-stressing opportunities

Get creative and follow what Google does. It’s no coincidence Google offers golf courses and fitness classes for employees, as sports allow them to get away from the workload for a while. So since you can’t create a gym in your office, you could offer some of these elements to the workplace by inviting some yoga class instructors and providing a space where employees can exercise during their breaks.

#3 Recognise their efforts

When employees are thanked for a job they have done well, they are motivated to do more work. They are more likely to become inspired and determined to exceed expectations. In this way, employees are even more committed to doing their work and they are happy and satisfied with their employer. Plan a night out, give awards, small gifts, thank you notes or try out anything that says “thank you for all your hard work and dedication”. 

#4 Provide free food

Did you know that having food in the office reduces the personal stress levels of your employees? Providing food to your employees can boost their productivity and motivation as it eliminates stress and anxiety. Consider covering the cost of food for employees once in a while during the holidays or offering them a “free lunch day” once a week! 

As you can see, there are a number of ways to keep your employees happy and productive during Christmas holidays. Every one of these creative solutions can lift your employees’ morale so that they continue doing their work duties and even achieve more than expected!

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