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JOB SEARCH / JUL. 28, 2016
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Keep Your Eyes Peeled, What to Look For In A New Job

They say looking for a new job is a full time job in itself, I don’t know who they are but generally they have pretty good advice to give. Beyond the immense dedication of time required to find a job though, you also need to be aware of a few other things while job searching.

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Here’s why you need to keep your eyes peeled and what to look for when searching for a new job.

Growth and Recognition

Well, a huge factor to even consider before changing jobs is, of course, the lack of opportunity which is either purely due to pragmatic reasons or office politics. The lack of upward mobility while responsibilities and work-load are constantly increased can be frustrating and demotivating…how demotivating you ask Mr. HR? Demotivating enough for valued employees to mentally flip their desk and walk off like an action hero walks away from an explosion and as we know cool guys never look at explosions. In most cases the lack of upward mobility also comes with a lack of recognition because why not serve up a heaping pile of insult without a healthy side of injury?

When changing jobs try to talk to employees that are currently working at your potential employer, ask them if there are any growth opportunities and if they are happy there. If you don’t have access to someone that works for an organization you should consider checking out It even has an added job search function so you can kill two birds with one stone.


bad boss thepoppingpost

When applying for a job, try to discern if employees are allowed the freedom to feel ownership for their work and if they actually are invested in their work. This might seem like an insignificant factor, because honestly what decent employee doesn’t invest in their work? Think about the opposite of that though; if a good employee is not invested in their work and isn’t allotted ownership of their project then it is highly probable that they are constantly regulated or even worse, micro-managed. If you have read enough articles on our website then you know that micro-managing is as good for productivity and morale as paying people peanuts. People like peanuts but I’m pretty sure they’re not a widely accepted form of currency.


No, I am not in any way encouraging you to take water-samples and microbial swabs of your new workplace when you visit for your first interview, I’m talking about a toxic atmosphere in regards to the internal office politics. If the company has toxic external politics like taking dolls away from little girls and shredding them to use as stuffing for their board of directors’ chairs, then you might want to avoid them from the get-go.

Toxic internal politics not only hurt productivity, but when ignored by administration can make capable, motivated employees jump ship quicker than say “Oh crap I think that was an iceberg we hit”. It might be difficult to gauge but again do your homework and again try to talk to people working there.


You know a little company called Enron? Yeah well the reason you probably know it is because it was embroiled in a financial and security fraud scandal that cost thousands of people their jobs, pensions and investors immense amounts of money when it went bankrupt. It took accounting company Arthur Andersen (which was Enron’s accountants during the bankruptcy) twelve years to manage to rebuild their reputation and be able to renter the market again.

Look at the upper management of the firm, company or organization you want to work for and if they were associated with iffy business practices or grey business ethics, then you might want to look elsewhere. Richard S. Fuld Jr. the man that arguably brought on the Great Recession, by running the financial goliath Lehman Brothers into the ground so hard global markets shuttered and collapsed, founded Matrix Advisors just a year…yes a year after that entire sh*tstorm. Okay, so hopefully your potential employer won’t be known as “the most hated man in America” or “The man that single-handedly started the financial crisis” or “The Worst American CEO’s of All Time” but still, make sure you check them out.

The Loop

There is a multitude of things that help workflow and productivity but some are a bit more significant and obvious than others. The first is the availability of feedback (especially during challenging projects) and having open channels of communication. If the company you are interested in working for has disengaged, uninvolved and inaccessible management then you might want to keep your options open. I know what you’re thinking: “What could be better than not having to deal with your boss on a daily basis” and you’d be partially right, but think about how dehumanizing, demotivating and frustrating it would be to only hear from your superiors when you are being reprimanded or when they want to inform you about a policy change. Think about trying to ask for their feedback and not being able to contact them, taking initiative to meet a deadline and then getting reprimanded for taking said initiative. For most normal well-adjusted people this will crush their spirit faster than being sent to a gulag.

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Do you have any other advice for people actively searching for a new job? Share your thoughts below…

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