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How to Keep your Website Updated

Having your website updated frequently, and staying in tune with your visitors is very important from a business point of view. Most online experts agree that delivering a great online experience means a lot to the visitors. Following these simple steps should help keep your website up to date and your visitors interested.

Be Systematic

According to Jim Joseph, President of Cohn & Wolfe, it is important to maintain a log for all activities for ready reference. This way, the periodic reviews you conduct will go well with the needs of your business, making the process less tedious. Similarly, checklists can also be a great help.

Updating a weekly checklist that includes setting reminders for reviewing product offerings, campaigns, pricing and keeping track of updates would be of immense help. Monthly reviews help updating contact information like addresses and phone numbers, including changes, if any, in the privacy policy, and information about staff on the payroll. 

It is during such reviews that you will be able to check the functionality of several features on your website like whether the shopping carts are working fine, and review forms are in order. You can also ensure that the contact email addresses are updated and that newsletters and flyers reach the correct recipients. 

Share the work

Most people realize that work needs to be delegated to the right people to ensure smooth functioning of the company. Include the staff members in whatever activity you are up to and allow them to be aware of all new developments. Demand reports from your subordinates on a regular basis and have them come up with suggestions on how best the performance metrics of the website can be improved. If need be, outsource some of the specialized work like WordPress support in order to ensure that the plugins are updated and the website never slows down. There is only a small price to pay when you hire such services.

Keep all informed about your activities

Whenever there are major changes like moving into more spacious premises, or a new phone number is added, plan ahead for the online launch. The vital information needs to be updated, not just on your website, but also in all the social media channels where you have a presence. Any changes in the color theme or font style needs to remain uniform throughout. According to Daniel Young, content manager at 1 & 1 Internet Inc., contradictory information on the various pages of any website sends out the wrong signals and can often lead to lost opportunities.

Be time conscious

You need to realize that it is not enough to have your website designed by a professional designer and then forget about it. A lot of time has to be spent updating the website and keeping the visitors informed about the latest developments and changes. Have a schedule created and stick to it religiously, so that updates are made on a regular basis. Once the schedule is set, it will become part of the regular routine and will not escape your attention.

Plan for the future

Keeping up with the times is important for any business, especially so for an online business where there is a lot happening all the time. You need to be aware of responsive web designing and have your website redesigned if it is not already compatible for use on mobile browsers. Keep yourself updated about the new devices and browsers in the market and ensure your website is constantly updated. According to Ryan A. Cieslak, director (eBusiness product marketing) at 1&1, it is important to remain in tune with the changing scenario and have features like live chat, compatibility with the latest relevant apps, and responsive web designing in order to stay ahead. Collaborate with your web designer and have the latest features installed on your website.

In order to beat the competition and stay a step ahead, it is obvious that businesses need to keep up with the times and incorporate the latest changes as and when required. With loyalties and needs changing constantly, those who fail to keep up will stand to lose valuable business opportunities.


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