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Key Ways to Turn Your Blog Followers into Course Buyers

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Setting up a course is like the new blogging. Thousands attempt to make a success of it every year, but a lot of them fail. Despite the likes of Blogger and WordPress making it easier than ever to setup a new course and promote, people aren’t taking advantage of it correctly.

Those who have made a success of it attribute it to having similar traits as blogging and making videos on YouTube. Corbertt Barr is a co-founder of the Fizzle training library. He says that teaching is the logical next step after blogging and podcasting because of how similar the two pursuits are.

Barr originally garnered a large following on his Think Traffic blog, which focuses on building a business as an online entrepreneur. In 2010, he started to offer a course on affiliate marketing. After releasing it, he gained $11,000 in just 72 hours. And there are lots of similar stories like his.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the ways to do this.

Pick the Right Title

Alexis Grant, a digital strategist, offers courses through email. She said her first course flopped because she titled it ‘Make Your Own Luck’, which didn’t accurately describe what her course was all about. She repackaged it as ‘Social Media for Writers’ and says her sales went up because of it.

In short, picking the right title is just as important as the content of the course itself. You need to grab people’s attention from the very beginning.

Think About Subject Material

Frank Visciano from the Udemy marketplace, which lists a range of online courses, said it’s important to choose a specific topic and stick to it. He recommends making the angle as unique as possible, even if the content is actually very similar to what’s already on the market. Targeting too broad usually leads to not bringing in the audience you want.

What are you Teaching?

Martin Amor hosts the Cosmic Kids Yoga video series on YouTube. At the moment, he’s working with a partner to develop a course for teaching yoga to children. He recommends spending as much time as possible getting all your information in order..

Give it a Test Drive

Body language instructor Vanessa Van Edwards has made over $1 million in sales just from her courses alone. She said she ran an extensive beta testing programme prior to releasing her course to the general public. She said this period of testing was essential for ironing out any lingering problems before the general public got to see them.

Corbett Barr says it’s worth decreasing risk by offering a pre-sale course for a lower price. This way you can get feedback from members of the public who’re willing to test drive your course in exchange for a big discount. It also means you won’t annoy the general public later on by releasing a course that still has lots of problems.

Hire Outside Help

Steve Cornwell, who founded SchoolKeep, which allows you to build your own courses on your website, says that it’s always worth hiring outside help. If someone hasn’t taught before, they can feel nervous. Teaching assistants can be brought in for a small fee, and this is often the best path to go down for people who don’t feel confident in their ability to teach.

Hit an Existing Audience

Writer Sarah Kathleen Peck offers a series of email courses and she says it’s always good to hit an existing audience you’ve gained from another venture. She says that she sent out an email to her blog subscribers about a course to find out if there was any demand for an online course. This is a great way to find out if there’s any demand for what you’re teaching before you dedicate any significant time to it.

These are just a few ways to turn your blog’s followers into course buyers. By following these strategies, you can start making significant profits that can positively impact your daily life.

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