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Killer Jobs! 10 Most Deadly Professions

You like to jump out of planes for fun and play with your venomous pet tarantula to help you relax. Every time you do something potentially spine-snapping you yell out “YOLO” (you only live once, which should actually make you not do stupid stuff) as everyone cringes. As data entry doesn’t really get the adrenaline pumping, maybe you can choose your next potentially femur bending profession as one of the 10 most deadly professions.

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Let’s take a look at the 10 most deadly professions ...

1. Fisherman

Yes, you read that correctly. The number one most deadly job is fishing. The thing that you might have over-looked is that this is big fishery fishing, not grandpa sitting on the creek sleeping with a pole in his hand. This profession is so dangerous that it would make the most hardened sea-farer a land lover for the rest of his life. A few things you can look forward to are 100 ft. waves, frozen decks that will eject you straight into the freezing brink and hundred pound traps that snap bones with ease. It’s like a veritable fun house for the demented!

 Image source: radiometafora

2. Loggers

Chainsaws, thousand bound trees rapidly falling to the ground and uneven mountainous terrain; what could go wrong, you ask. If you take anyone of those aforementioned items individually they will most definitely be considered a killer. Read that first sentence again though, yeah, it combines a motley mix of death inducing devices in one profession. Write your will and don your red flannel to mask the blood stains.

 Image source: wikipedia

3. Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers

Yes, you read that correctly, but there is a slight caveat to help you sleep at night. You will not turn into a fiery ball of death on your average commercial flight as most pilot deaths are a result of unscheduled flights a.k.a. private air travel. If you think that pilots haveit good, they actually do, they get rewarded handsomely; unfortunately, you can’t really use that money once you’ve bought a one way ticket down the river Styx.

 Image source: wikimedia

 4. Construction workers

Tons of cubic meters of cement, industrial power tools and heights. Sounds like someone is living the dream. More like the dream were you plummet to your death, or get crushed to death, or get dismembered to death.

 Image source: wikipedia

 5. Steel workers

Not dis-similar to the previous entry but with the addition of tons and tons of metal beams. Thus the potential for being irreversibly squished is extremely high. It also has the highest rates of injury.

 Image source: wikipedia

 6.  Farmers

When you think of farmers you either think of jovial plump men in overalls or skinny suspicious elderly men with shot-guns. Farmers today work in close proximity to heavy machinery combined with the fatigue of long hours and physical labor. 

Image source: wikipedia

7. Roofers

I don’t think that this needs to be explained all that much. You spend the day traversing steep roof-tops, climbing multiple story high latters and attaching loose shingles. Loose shingles that if stepped on could mean the difference between being ok or having gravity rearranging your internal organs.

Image source: rooferreviewsguide

8. Truckers and Drivers

What’s so deadly about an 80.000 pound missile traveling 70 mph in adverse and rapidly changing weather? If you asked that question obviously you’re seven years old and shouldn’t be reading this article, go do your homework kid.

Image source: semitruckingaccidents

9. Miner

Who would’ve of thought that working in a toxic dust plume wrapped in the warm bosom of the Earth’s crust would be so detrimental to a worker’s life? Well, you should’ve thought of it because Earth’s warm bosom is actually composed of hundreds of cubic feet of potentially life threatening and suffocating dirt.

Image source: wikipedia

10. Refuse and recycling collectors

Yes, garbage-men and women are constantly in mortal danger. Sadly, it’s not due immediately to any inherent risk of the job but because of impatient idiots overtaking the refuse truck and hitting the collectors. Also being rear-ended by other drivers while the collectors are hanging on the back can be dangerous, or falling off due to unforeseen road conditions.

 Image source: issaquahpress


Next time you complain about your job remember that there are men and women risking their lives everyday in order to put food on their tables. Do you work in one of these dangerous jobs? We’d love to hear from you if so! Please let us know your experiences in the comments section below.  

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