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Know When to Leave your Job for Something Better!

Employees are feeling increasingly trapped in jobs they don't enjoy, felling miserable because the current economic climate makes it difficult to leave one job and pursue another. The competition for job vacancies is fierce, and as such, employees are scared to quit their jobs in case they struggle to find another. Another worry is that a new position has no long-term guarantee of employment.

Falling into a lull is often the case with those who do not enjoy their jobs; they have most probably been employed with the company for a long time and consequently are adverse to change. This means that when your job starts to stress you out, upset you, or even depress you, it may be more difficult to leave than to stay!

Here are some common signs that it is time to leave your job and search for something better…

#1 You are not appreciated by management or your colleagues.

#2 You suffer from work-related stress and anxiety.

#3 You do not feel challenged in your job.

#4 You have not learnt anything new, nor do you receive training.

#5 You have no interest in your job.

#6 You have not received a pay rise or employee appraisal.

#7 Your values are not in line with the corporate culture and business ethics.

#8 You have been unfairly treated or reprimanded.

#9 The company is experiencing a downward spiral and is losing customers, money and reputation.

#10 You don’t get paid, or you are being paid late on a regular basis.

#11You dread each morning before you walk into the office.

#12 Your relationship with your manager is beyond salvage.

#13 Your salary is below the average for your line of work and skills.

#14 There is a high turnover of employees at work resulting in constant change and upheaval.

These are just some of the main reasons why you should consider leaving your job in pursuit of something that offers you a challenging yet rewarding environment to work in. It is important that you enjoy your job, are compensated fairly and your relationship with your colleagues and management is good. Without these basic elements, you can determine that the company may no longer be the place for you. 

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