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How to Land a Job in New York City, New York

New York City is one of the most culturally diverse and economically flourishing cities in the Americas. New York City is home to various types of industries including finance, fashion, manufacturing, and technology. The City That Never Sleeps is considered the United States international hub, and is home to millions of individuals from numerous cultural backgrounds. All who have immigrated here have done so for one reason alone, to attain American Dream of freedom and prosperity. If you are considering relocating to the Big Apple, here are a few tips on how to land your dream job...

Finding Employment

Over 14 Million workers in the U.S. are foreign nationals with a large portion of them living and working in major cities like New York. U.K nationals have an excellent chance of finding work in NYC in the manufacturing, service, tech, and finance industries. Since many overseas companies have a satellite operational facility located in New York, there is a wealth of opportunities to secure a position before relocating. This also allows those attempting to secure an internship with a company in New York to do so rather easily. When searching for work, be sure to explore career websites and local papers like the New York Times.

Industries such as finance and tech are the most difficult to find employment in New York. It is highly recommended that applicants have a Masters Degree in their chosen field and are able to speak several languages such as Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, and German. 

Business Etiquette

Business etiquette in New York is much like that in the UK. The exception is that New York is a cultural melting pot; therefore, large companies in the city can often be run by foreign nationals. Research is key here, before heading out on an interview you must know who runs the company, where the company is based internationally, and adapt your etiquette accordingly.

  • Business Attire: If you are told to "dress for business" this means a suit and tie for men and a business suit or skirt and blouse for women. If you are told the interview or work environment is "business casual," this means a nice pair of pants and a button down or polo shirt. For women "business casual" means pants and a dress shirt or skirt and a dress shirt.
  • Greetings: A firm handshake while making eye contact is important when greeting an American business person for an interview or meeting. Though titles are not as important as they once were, you should still use them in an interview setting. Before an interview or meeting, small talk is invited and acceptable.
  • Punctuality: In America, punctuality is important; it is especially important in NYC since time is considered extremely precious. Arrive early to your interview or meeting and your promptness will be greatly appreciated.
  • Business Cards: Most everyone in New York has a business card, present yours upon first meeting or when leaving a meeting. If you are offered a card, kindly accept it.

Work Permits

To work in the United States you must secure an EAD card. This is issued by the United States Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services. An EAD card is usually valid for one year and is renewable. If you would like to begin the process, you can apply here on the USCIS site 

Permanent workers or those seeking employment in the U.S. who will be in the U.S. for an extended period of time could qualify for several types of work visas. Permanent worker visas are categorized according to skill, education level, and U.S. company sponsorship. 

Those who are seeking long term residency in the U.S. who are not specialised workers must attain their Green Card in order to live and work legally in the U.S. You can apply for a Green Card depending on certain criteria, one being your current job status in the U.S. A breakdown of how to qualify for a Green Card can be found here on the USCIS site.

Living in New York City is an experience all its own. If you would like to pursue a career in the United States, seeking employment in NYC is a great start. Keep in mind that living expenses are exceptionally high in NYC; therefore securing employment before you relocate is ideal.


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