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How to Land a Job in Sydney

The Australian city of Sydney is amongst the most lucrative places to work given its vibrant economy, favorable weather and rich historic ties with Western civilizations. Its tourism industry, for instance, handles over 10 million visitors annually. The city cradles a dynamic Information Technology and it has been upheld as Australia’s industrial capital since the commencement of Sydney Mint Company in 1816.There are a number of measures that you can, however, take to increase your chances of landing your dream Sydney job.

Verify Your Qualification Standards

Log on to Australia’s Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection site then move on to the website’s Australian Skills Recognition Information section. Check out the description of the job you’re interested in and establish whether your skills and qualification meet the set standards. Get in touch with the relevant verification officer through the contact information provided by the site.

Present your skills using an elaborate CV, cover letter, professional testimonies and scanned original educational documents since the verification process can be a launching pad to a great career path whether you’re an Australian citizen or an expatriate job seeker.This approach can land you immediate employment since you’re likely to find Sydney based institutions that have been in search of someone with your talents and skills for a long time.

Try Exponentially Growing Industries

Look for employment opportunities in Sydney’s fastest growing sectors such real estate, tourism, and ICT. Get innovative and spread out your chances of getting a job across these sectors.If you’re an ICT professional, for example, go for tech-oriented opportunities in banks, insurance firms, hospitals or tour and travel establishments with ICT departments. Medical experts can, on the other hand, find work in Sydney organizations with their own staff clinics as financial markets skills can get you a financial reporting job with a media house or a stock brokerage firm. Writers and lawyers can on their part be accommodated by various industries since every organization has reports to file and legal matters to attend to.

Offer Competitive Salary Rates

Make yourself marketable by presenting your wish to handle the job at a price that’s slightly below the current official remuneration rates. Sydney’s top Financial Analysts, for instance, earn about GBP 16000 and Chief Information Technology Officers earn about GBP 11,000 while Sales Managers take home roughly GBP 8000 a month. Use this line of information to know how much you can lower your salary expectations and make yourself more marketable.  Most companies are looking for ways to cut back expenditure on wages and overhead bills. Avoid quoting ridiculously low wage rates as this makes you appear inexperienced, unmotivated or less ambitious.

Make a Self-Sale Pitch Video

Come up with a self-sale pitch video and send it to your prospective Sydney employer as an MP4 or an MP3 file attachment. Use the video to sell your composure, eloquence and professionalism by observing your language and dress code. The video enables you to make the employer feel as if he or she has met you already and it’s a good platform for demonstrating rare, creative and inventive talents. Attain this by hiring a videographer to get quality footage of you explaining how a groundbreaking discovery by you works or how you’ve participated in the establishment of prosperous companies in the past. Remember to outline where you see yourself in a few years, granted a chance to live and work in Sydney.

Availability of active industries, such as banking, transport, real estate, as well as medical and pharmaceutical-oriented entities doesn’t grant you an automatic ticket to a well-paying job in Sydney. You need to ensure that you outdo your competitors for that dream job.


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