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How to Land a Job Using YouTube

YouTube has catapulted as a great medium for exposing the skills and characteristics of candidates to a global audience. Job seekers far and wide are creating exciting and innovative videos and uploading them to YouTube in a bid to catch the attention of top recruiters.

Not only does a YouTube video give you the scope to fully express yourself (far easier than a CV permits), but is also gives you full exposure to a wider recruiter audience. This is far more effective than simply sending out your CV to one specific employer; by becoming visible to a wide industry of recruiters, you can connect with useful contacts and broaden your employment prospects

Here are a few techniques to adopt when searching for your dream job via YouTube:

Step 1

Promote yourself as a brand! - Use YouTube to sell yourself as an ideal employee to your dream company. Tag yourself and generate exposure amongst top recruiters.

Step 2

Post an innovative, interesting and catchy video – The key here is to stand out; create a unique video that tells a story about your experiences and career motivations to date. Use slide shows, video clips, flash designs and any other means of creating a ‘film’ of why you are the perfect candidate.

Step 3

Propagate it – Your priority once you have uploaded your video is to get people to watch it. This can be achieved by propagating your video across all forms of social media channels, your blogs, and other websites. If you have a Facebook profile (and as a job seeker you should) simply copy the video link into a status update to encourage your following to watch it.

Step 4

Get noticed – Many companies are holding contests with the use of YouTube to either search for their ideal employee or simply to promote their brand. Find out if your chosen companies have any YouTube contests or events you can participate in.  

YouTube is a great channel to express your skills and expertise to your favorite recruiters, especially if you are looking for a job that involves being creative or using media. Include your YouTube video URL on your CV, LinkedIn page, and any other blog or social profile you have.

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