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Land a Partner in No Time With Invisible Girlfriend

The Invisible Girlfriend

Being single is not easy ladies and gentlemen. Say you are at a friend’s engagement party, everyone is engaged or married except you. That feels extremely dreadful, doesn’t it? Well, you should not feel embarrassed just because you are a singleton. There is an app that can fool family and friends and prove you are dating, when you are actually…not! Invisible girlfriend and Invisible boyfriend apps will help you create your own girlfriend or boyfriend. You can give your imaginary “other half” a name, choose his/her age, and define his/her personality.

No Acting Required

You don’t need to be a good actor/actress to prove you’re having a real relationship. With this app, you can text your new invisible friend, and he/she will text you back in real time. If you are under pressure to find a partner (especially from family), this app can help you tell a believable story about your ‘invisible’ friend. It also enables you to share photos, receive voicemail and even decide on how you would like your visual partner to interact.

The app is only available as a private beta version in the US and Canada at the moment, and users will be able to download a gender-specific app for around $25 a month.

Watch this funny video to find out how to get a “girlfriend” or “boyfriend” in no time!


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