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STUDENT LIFE / JAN. 18, 2015
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How to Land a Scholarship in One of the Best Universities in the World

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So many of us dream of being able to get into a top university like Yale, Harvard, Cambridge, or Oxford. These universities not only offer top-quality schooling, but they also provide you with many openings after graduating.

Sadly, the number of people that can afford these schools is very low. With tuition and overall costs ranging from $40,000 to $70,000 per year, it’s often far too expensive to attend these top colleges.

Unless you get a scholarship, of course! Here are some of the scholarships that may allow you to study at one of the best universities in the world:

Fulbright Scholarship

This is a US Government-funded scholarship that provides around 1,800 international students with the chance to study in some of the best colleges in the US. Students must have an undergraduate education and be working towards a Master’s Degree, but the fields of study can be anything except medicine. Only foreign students can apply for this scholarship, which provides full costs of living for the duration of the scholarship.

Find out more details on the Fulbright Scholarship website.

Chevening Scholarship

This is a scholarship funded by the British government, giving around 1,500 students from around the world a chance to study in the UK. The scholarship is aimed at outstanding students in all fields, covering the cost of their education as they study for their Master’s Degree.

Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship

For those who want to study in the most prestigious schools in Australia, this is the government-funded scholarship to apply for. The scholarship only applies for Master’s or PhD-level students, but students from all around the world can apply.

Rhodes Scholarship

This scholarship is a privately-offered one, and is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world. It is only given to 83 students every year, but students who receive the scholarship are able to study in Oxford University – one of the top colleges in the world. Students must already study at Oxford, but the scholarship provides them with a way to continue their quality education without the financial burden. Students from all fields are eligible.

Apply for the scholarship here.

Gates Cambridge

For those who prefer to study at Cambridge rather than at Oxford University, this is the scholarship to apply for. Over 4,000 students apply for the scholarship every year, but only 95 applicants are accepted. Citizens of any country except the UK can apply for the scholarship, which covers the full cost of tuition, provides a stipend for living costs, and even covers the cost of travel and visas.

Find out how to apply on the Gates Cambridge website.

All of these scholarships will allow you a way to study at the most prestigious universities in the world, giving you a chance to get the best education possible without racking up mountains of student debt!

So you know where to apply, but how can you land these scholarships?

1. Submit the application form. Each website will direct you to the correct forms, and you simply need to fill them out as instructed.

2. Provide the required materials. This may include proof of ID, academic records, CV, personal essay, photograph, and your list of referrees (sort of like your references).

3. Select your courses. With each scholarship, you will be asked to select the courses you want to study – the courses to be covered by the scholarship. 

The process can take a few weeks or months, depending on the scholarship. Remember that there are thousands of others applying for these scholarships into the top universities in the world, so the competition will be fierce.

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