JOB SEARCH / APR. 18, 2013
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Landing Your First Executive Level Job

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Emerging into the employment market at an executive level can be a challenging experience, particularly in today’s sluggish employment sector. Numerous countries across the globe have felt the impact of the recession on their employment sector, with many companies making hiring cuts in an attempt to supersede the negative impacts of the recession. As a result, thousands of job seekers are struggling to break through the complex employment barriers currently being experienced.


Networking is by far one of the most advantageous ways to improve your chances of finding employment. It enables you to establish contact with people who are employed in the industry of your expertise and is an excellent way to learn about any employment opportunities that have yet to be advertised.

Be sure to obtain business cards and maintain contact with those people that you have communicated with. When searching for employment, you can refer to your portfolio of contacts and begin communicating with those people that operate in your chosen industry.

Networking in the traditional manner (with your immediate network of friends and family), can be extremely useful in the job searching process. Ask those people if they have any contacts who operate in your industry of expertise in order for you to contact them directly.

Use search engines to look beyond job posts

Search engines are excellent ways to search for employment, however, they also provide job seekers with vital information such as direct e-mail addresses and contact information. This information is crucial during any executive job search as it puts you directly in touch with the people that matter. In any job search, ensure that you communicate directly with the relevant person or persons. 

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