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Leading Companies That Have Great Workplace Culture

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When it comes to workplace culture and company values; only the most contemporary companies seem to have what it takes in regards to offering their employees the best workplace environments. Having a positive, vibrant and nurturing workplace culture is something that many employees cherish, allowing them to work in an environment that has a great vibe is perceived as an additional job perk almost.

Not everyone is lucky enough to work somewhere that has a great workplace culture, for some employees, what they see is what they get which means the last thing these employees expect are food-based perks or getting the opportunity to socialize with their colleagues after-hours with complimentary drinks every Friday evening. Employers from the most successful companies that provide some of the best workplace cultures are highlighted in Glassdoor’s complete Top 25 Companies for Culture and Values 2014. This list showcases some well-known companies from the technology and retail sectors and is based upon the thoughts and opinions of the employees that work for these companies. Here are the first ten of the most accomplished companies for workplace culture:

  • Twitter.
  • Edelman.
  • Google.
  • Riverbed Technology.
  • Facebook.
  • Southwest Airlines.
  • Chick-fil-A.
  • National Instruments.
  • Cevron.
  • H E B.

There are some obvious companies that have made the top ten of this list; Google, Twitter and Facebook. All of these companies were ranked highly with one Google employee making the following comment:

There are endless projects to choose from. If you don’t feel challenged enough, there is no one stopping you from trying to find another project. The amenities are great. The food is fantastic. There is something different every day of the week. It is obvious that Google loves its employees. The culture is amazing too. Each employee does not mind helping the other out if they are stuck. I feel it is encouraged to reach out to others.

Companies like Google and the others that appear on this list appear to understand how important it is to provide their employees with the type of workplace culture that employees will embrace. Other companies can learn a thing or two from the companies that appear on this list and one lesson that these companies should take on board is that employee engagement can easily be boosted by providing a brilliant working environment.

Now for most companies, the resources that the likes of Facebook and Google have aren’t exactly realistic. These companies can tap into an almost endless financial resource due to the their commercial success, however for more less established companies with a workforce that needs to be kept engaged, just simply rewarding employees via incentive programs and performance-based bonuses is just as good as giving them gourmet lunches and sleeping pods. Well, perhaps that’s not as good. Employees who feel that they work for a company that has strong workplace values are going to be happy with their jobs with or without the perks, and the happier they are the more invested they’ll be in performing well in their job roles.

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