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How to Learn to Love Your Job

It’s tough to love getting up early every morning, sitting in traffic, spending hours doing mindless tasks, and repeating this process every day for 30+ years. You may see your career as a dead end, but if you can learn to love your job, you’ll find that your work life will be so much more easier!

Find meaning in what you do

There are so many people who do tasks that they find meaningless and unimportant, but is that really what you’re doing? Let’s say you’re crunching numbers at some accounting firm. What you’re really doing is helping someone else achieve success in their life, and you’re doing so by keeping their company accounts balanced. Find that meaning in your job, and you’ll have a much easier time enjoying it.

Make your work environment pleasant

You may find that the tasks you do every day may be mindless and repetitive, but you can enjoy doing them in an office space that is tailored for your comfort. Brighten up your work space, and you’ll look forward to spending time there--even if it is working!

You define you, not your job

You may have the worst job in the world, but you don’t have to approach it with an attitude to match. It doesn’t matter what job you do, but it’s how you do it that matters. Even if you have to answer customer complaint calls all day long, you can still retain your personality and positive outlook on life and people. Who you are says a lot more about you than what you do!

Find out "why"

Why are you working at this job if you dislike it so much? What’s the reason that you get out of bed and get yourself here every day? If you’re doing it to care for your family, earn enough to have the lifestyle you want, or to fund your passion, keep that in mind. Once you realize why you’re doing the job, it will be much easier to keep that reason at the front of your thoughts throughout the day.

Start doing more

If you’re not thrilled with the job you currently have, why not volunteer for other jobs? There are many special projects that you could volunteer for, which would take you away from your current drudgery and help you to find variety in your life. You can cultivate new skills, which may lead to further job opportunities doing something you enjoy.

Work on your career

If this is the career for you, why be content with where you’re at right now? Why not study more, learn more, and invest in furthering your education--thereby furthering your career. You can train to be a manager or supervisor, take specialized courses, or even cross train in other careers. The more skills you have, the more you’ll be able to do!

Enjoying your job may seem like a lot to ask, especially if you do a job that involves a lot of mindless, repetitive tasks. However, approaching it with the right attitude can make all the difference in the world. 

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