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WEB & TECH / JUL. 27, 2015
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How to Learn to Use Microsoft Word

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power point
WEB & TECH / JUL 28, 2015

PowerPoint is probably the single most useful piece of software for making presentations--to the point that it has become adopted as the "noun". You no longer make a...

Microsoft Publisher
WEB & TECH / JUL 28, 2015

Microsoft Publisher is one of the most under-rated programs in the Microsoft Office software package. It’s incredibly versatile, and it can be used to make hundreds of...

Woman on computer
WEB & TECH / JAN 08, 2016

Without a doubt, email etiquette can be difficult to master. But it’s absolutely necessary when you need to reach out to employers, colleagues, clients, business...

Microsoft Office – Changes Are Coming
WEB & TECH / MAR 15, 2014

When we look at the venerable office suite, ubiquitous on nearly every desktop in the world, there is a certain sense of familiarity with the product. We know what Word...

HoloLens: Can Microsoft Succeed Where Google Failed?
WEB & TECH / FEB 17, 2015

Microsoft announced, to much fanfare, their version of a wearable augmented reality device. For all the non-dorks out there I’ll explain, Augmented reality is when a...

Microsoft 10 and Cortana: Bill Gates’ Version of Siri
WEB & TECH / DEC 24, 2014

A “leaked” version of the latest Microsoft 10 has a few features that will get Microsoft fan-boys excited. One is the addition of a Siri like A.I. assistant named Cortana...

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