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Lessons We Can all Learn from Leslie Knope

Anyone who is a fan of Parks and Recreation will undoubtedly be a fan of the one woman powerhouse that is Leslie Knope. Local government hero and probably the most ambitious woman on TV at the moment, she is a force to be reckoned with as well as being incredibly funny, loveable and generous. There is something that everyone can learn from Pawnee’s Leslie Knope and the way she operates in the workplace.

Hard Work Pays Off
Leslie Knope doesn’t ever cut herself any slack. When there’s a job to be done, she tackles it head on with everything she has, whether that means staying up all night, working with people she doesn’t like or needing to eat her weight in waffles from JJ’s Diner. This is a lesson that everyone can take on board, albeit with moderation in mind because unfortunately we don’t all have the superhuman Knope gene. Leslie’s hard work is shown to pay off as she's on the path to achieving her dream job and is truly valued by her colleagues.

Don’t Trample on Other People
Although there is nothing wrong with being ambitious, it doesn’t mean that you need to step on other people to get where you want to be. Leslie Knope is ruthless in her ambition but not in her tactics. She does not, for example take advantage when nearby Eagleton, her most hated town in the world runs into financial trouble. Instead she steps up, helps and finds herself in a better position because of it. Perhaps it could be construed as naive in the world of business that ‘what goes around comes around’, but this is an excellent way to conduct yourself and the relationships you can build as a consequence are invaluable.

Stick to Your Principles
When offered deals which would benefit her financially or her position in government but would have a negative effect on her beloved town of Pawnee, Knope is always clear about sticking to her principles. Whilst this can make things difficult, she is an example of how you can stand up to even the most rich and powerful people, such as the evil owners of Sweetums who want to put sugar in the town’s water supply. Not tolerating bullies is important in every aspect of life, not just the workplace. Sticking to your principles and having a strong belief system will make you a strong, confident worker and a natural leader.

Be Yourself
Leslie Knope is so universally loved even by the miserable likes of Ron Swanson and April Ludgate because she is completely and utterly herself. Even though this can be incredibly annoying at times because of her through the roof levels of enthusiasm and seemingly endless energy supply, her sincerity always shines through. The fact that she is genuine is what makes her such a valuable member of the department and is what will secure her success in the future.

Leslie Knope is a fantastic example to anyone looking for inspiration about how to be an excellent member of staff, excel at their job, race up the career ladder and still make and maintain brilliant relationships with co-workers. We could all stand to be a bit more Knope.

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