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The Benefits of LinkedIn and How to Improve Your Profile

We’ll take a look at LinkedIn’s benefits as well as 7 ways that you should improve your presence and chances of landing a job. If you are truly serious about your overall image and opportunities, you should commit to putting some time and effort into this process. Let’s begin.

LinkedIn’s Benefits

If you’re new to LinkedIn, you must understand what you’re getting into. What are the primary benefits of this huge social network, and why are so many people and professional entities using it?

Career & Business Opportunities

Alison Evans a career advisor at Careers Booster says: “Opportunities are priceless! Every time you get an opportunity, you must make an important decision, and it can potentially change your life forever. With LinkedIn, you are swimming in an ocean full of opportunities. You are one of the fish that swims along with 350 million others.”

LinkedIn offers a lot of tools that help individuals connect, you are going to meet a lot of people and share a lot of knowledge. You’ll be able to seize career and business opportunities, which will surely prove to be beneficial in the future.

Inspiration and Motivation

Being able to look at other successful people’s LinkedIn profiles, you can get a lot of useful information. You’ll be able to look at other individuals’ careers, the paths and decisions they took, and how everything turned out for them.

You can scout for highly successful people within your domain of activity. Someone you wish you could follow and come up with the same (or even better) results. These people should motivate you enough by just showing their way of thinking; even better, you can connect with each of them and maybe form a long-lasting relationship.

Scout and Analyse Companies

LinkedIn gives you the chance to discover new companies, or even analyse the information of companies and careers you’re interested in. You can then look for their employees and check their profiles. You should be able to tell if you’re interested in that type of position according to the characteristics of those who work there.

By the way, companies can also look for you. There’s a lot of recruiting which is facilitated by LinkedIn’s network. So many companies are looking for experts and potential employees that can fit their job descriptions. If your profile is rich, you will be one of their choices.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

When someone – usually an employer – wants to find out more information about you, they will put your name in Google and expect the best results. If you really are a professional, your name should show up on the first two or three positions on the first page.

By using LinkedIn, keeping your profile up to date, adding content, and growing your overall presence, you will be featured on the first page of Google. Social media networks are a good SEO tool as search engines are favouring them because of their authority. Therefore, your profile link will be in plain sight.

LinkedIn is Your Virtual Resume

Because it offers such great options, LinkedIn is considered to be the “virtual resume” of an employee. The social network allows you to share presentations, photos, documents, links, and more stuff which will prove your overall image and representation of your qualities and services.

Many companies and employers will look for your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have one, that’s kind of bad. That is because most of them are expecting a professional social presence from their potential employees and therefore not having one could be a turn-off.

When they find your profile, you will offer them enough information to make their hiring decision easier. And honestly, you can truly influence the rate of your job proposals by improving your LinkedIn profile.

7 Awesome Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile and Presence

Let’s start with the practical stuff. The best way to invest in your professional future is to brand yourself and create a powerful image that will represent you. With LinkedIn, building your online presence is a piece of cake if you truly get involved and put in some time and effort.

Here are the seven strategies that will definitely improve your chances of being hired and your chances of finding business opportunities. You should act on these tips & tricks, and make sure that you remain consistent with your LinkedIn profile optimisation.

#1 Choose a Professional Profile Picture

A professional profile picture is the best thing you can to represent yourself properly. Think of it like this: your LinkedIn profile picture is extremely tied to your brand image and professionalism. You must pay a lot of attention when choosing the image that will represent your.

It also helps with the credibility of your business, as a good picture speaks “a thousand words”. Perceive it like that, and give it the proper attention.

#2 Create a Proper Headline

All you have is 120 words. That’s it. You have to create a good headline to attract the attention of your profile’s visitors. The headline is the most attention-driven aspect of your LinkedIn’s profile, so you’ll have to give your best to include everything relevant in few short phrases.

You should also include a branding story, as it creates a good impression. Usually, people that have a good story are going to have better conversion rates and overall popularity.

#3 Call-To-Action to Your Website/Services

Your LinkedIn profile is the place where you find potential opportunities and develop strong connections with other like-minded professionals. If you manage to improve your profile, you’ll be seen by many people and scouted by many companies.

Use your LinkedIn profile to send all the interested people to your main business website or employee profile. You can also send people towards your services and hope for the best. No matter what you choose, you have to make it easy for them to get more information.

A call-to-action is a trigger which is supposed to push the website/profile visitor towards any given link. It could be your website in which you show your offer, your personal website which shares information about your services, or maybe directly sends them to affiliated products/services. No matter what you do, you need a CTA!

#4 Join As Many Groups As You Can

To expose your company or personal presence as much as possible, you should start joining niche groups. There are hundreds of groups on almost any topic; you just have to search for them and join.

By joining lots of groups, you are making it possible to private message thousands or even millions of individuals who are not in your direct network. You will get to make a lot of connections, which if you haven’t joined any group wouldn’t be possible.

The moment you see that a group is not worth pursuing, start dropping them until you have a few that are worth your attention. Focus on creating a strong professional image within some groups and begin to notice how your opportunities arise.

#5 Give a Little Value Each Day

Your LinkedIn profile can be used as a vehicle that provides constant updates and useful information to your followers. Just like with Facebook pages, you can post new things each day and have your followers notified every time something changes.

I’d suggest providing your audience awesome tips and pieces of advice each and every day. Use this approach: create a lot of useful content; something like 50 prepared articles/videos/audios. Then, schedule your content according to your needs. You can post each day, or every two days.

Also use this opportunity to turn more normal followers into e-mail subscribers or loyal customers. Offer exclusive information only if they’re joining some channels that you use. That, of course, could be an exclusive e-mail newsletter or a private LinkedIn group.

#6 Develop an Awesome Gallery

If you are smart, you will take advantage of LinkedIn’s gallery feature. Using this awesome tool will allow you to showcase your previous work, skills, resources, and so on.

If you can provide proof by using real pictures, you’ll be more trustworthy and therefore seize more opportunities in the near future. It’s not hard; just hire a professional photographer and make sure that everything looks neat and professional

#7 Network Constantly

LinkedIn is mostly about networking. Networking means connecting and connecting means opportunities. To make it even longer, opportunities equal life changes and usually a better future. The moment you treat this “equation” seriously, the moment you’ll see better results.

Always network. Connect with lots of people, even if most of them will be just temporary. Your goal is to create a bunch of highly profitable and productive relationships and maintain them for future purposes. Hell, even friendships can be created.

LinkedIn is the place to be if you are looking to develop connections, get more opportunities and build a better life through hard work and professionalism. Start treating it very seriously, make it a part of your life, and start improving your profile immediately.

When your profile looks good, and when you’re being active each and every day, you will witness professional and career success.

Do you use any of these tips on your LinkedIn profile already? Do you find it effective? Let us know in the comments section below…

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