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SOCIAL MEDIA / SEP. 26, 2013
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LinkedIn Feeds ‘Sponsored Job’ Ads

LinkedIn’s Sponsored Jobs listings are getting increased visibility from this week, with a move that has them now appearing in LinkedIn’s main feed on members' homepages. Until now, Sponsored Jobs were only available in the “Jobs You May Be Interested In” module on the homepage and in emails sent out to subscribers. The move highlights LinkedIn’s push to make its homepage feed the main place for increasing interactions with the site’s content.

The Sponsored Jobs, allow employers to target candidates through paid postings. Employers can bid for top placement in the job recommendations, and pay when candidates click on them. The benefit of these listings is that they have the capability of reaching those who may not be actively looking for work, but happen across the job recommendation on the site or via email.

Why should recruiters use this strategy?

By placing a Sponsored Listing in the LinkedIn feed, there’s an increased chance that potential job seekers will discover it, as the feed becomes more of a centralized resource for all of the current happenings across the network – a concept popularized by Facebook’s News Feed detailing friends’ social activity or the Twitter’s feed detailing highlighted tweets.

But probably the most significant change that LinkedIn will do this week is to bring the listings to mobile devices for the first time.

The company only recently began taking advantage of mobile as a tool to attract job seekers, having introduced the ability for users to search for jobs on its mobile apps earlier this summer, and then in August, allowing them to actually apply for jobs via their phone – even without a resume. 30 percent of members who view jobs on LinkedIn network come from mobile, and early tests indicate that Sponsored Jobs are four times more engaging on mobile than desktop.

Sponsored Listings are now rolling out to the feed of LinkedIn’s English-speaking members on the desktop, on the mobile web, and in its iOS and Android applications, and will expand globally over the next few weeks.

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