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WORKPLACE / SEP. 23, 2013
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Listening to Music at Work Can Boost Your Productivity

Music is often a popular accompanier of employees in the workplace. We either plug in our iPods or just tune in to our favourite radio station in order to create a positive atmosphere, relax, focus or make the nine to five job pass quicker.

A Spotify survey of 500 office workers in New Zealand revealed interesting results about the importance of music and  its multifaceted contribution to their psychology. 

Elizabeth Howells, an organizational psychologist, pointed out that music between 50 to 60 beats per minute is actually conducive to helping us focus, concentrate and be more productive.

Furthermore, lare Mann, a psychologist employed by Spotify, says that music and the ability to choose that music, improves both our worth and work. Self-selected music can be a means for people to seize control over their surroundings and emotions. Choosing the right tempo and sound for example, can make people better manage their stress levels.

Bear in mind also the psychological effects of listening to music at  work. Mann highlights that music is proven to have a positive effect on moods. “The more time spent listening to music, the greater the increase in positivity”. This is true! Faster paced music can boost energy levels and it is really beneficial in overcoming lethargy especially after the slump that we usually face after lunch hour.

Moreover, the Spotify survey found that four out of five office workers were allowed to listen to music at work. Butthis is the case for most companies in the UK for instance. While some organizations approve of music in the workplace, many companies are against the idea because they believe it to be a distraction for workers. However, distractions are just one negative effect of playing music at work; there are many others too. Tamsym Kent, BBC Newsbeat reporter highlighted that more than half a million businesses across the UK are playing music illegally, although not all of them are aware of it. UK law dictates that a license is needed whenever music is played publicly. It doesn’t matter whether it’s played on a radio, CD or mp3 or whether staff or customers can hear it.

I am curious then to see whether and in what ways this issue will affect company policy with regards to allowing employees to listen to music at work. If a company is called to pay the license costs, will the employer expect the employees to foot the fee? This is just food for thought because not all employees enjoy the same benefits across the world.

I always knew that music is generally valuable in our life but not to the extent that the research suggests. So, now that you are aware of how beneficial listening to music at work is, it’s about time to start creating your playlists!

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