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Lithuanian Police Careers

lithanian police

The Lithuanian Police Service is a form of public sector employment as the Lithuanian government established the Police Service. This essentially means that public sector employment conditions, contracts and benefits apply to police department staff,. The structure of Lithuanians police department is broad and includes; Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior, 10 Territorial Police Units, 5 Specialized Police Units, and a Police Professional Training Institution.

The role of Lithuanian Police includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ensuring the safety of the public

  • Preventing and deterring criminal activity

  • Protecting human rights and freedoms

  • Providing emergency assistance to the public

  • Undertaking criminal investigations

  • Controlling traffic safety

Training and Education

Police officers in the Lithuanian Police Service must complete the appropriate police training courses at a Police Professional Training Institution. The mission of the Lithuanian police school is to provide comprehensive training and education to individuals seeking to develop a career within the police service.

The school also acts to provide ongoing training and support to officers who wish to continually improve their skills and knowledge. Once students of the police school, graduate, they receive a Bachelor’s in Law, or a Bachelor’s in Public Security. Individuals, who obtain one of the above degrees, can then be posted into a mid-ranking position within the police service.

Careers within the Specialized Police Units in Latvia

Individuals wishing to progress into a position within a specialized police unit, must have completed the relevant training courses to become a police officer, and must have gained practical work experience. There are a number of specialized police units to apply to, some of which include:

  • The Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau: prevents and detects serious crimes

  • The Lithuanian Police Forensic Science Centre: provides scientific and technical expertise and assistance to officers during criminal investigations

  • The Lithuanian Police Antiterrorist Operations Team: conducts complex antiterrorist operations

  • Lithuanian Road Police Service: acts to monitor and control traffic in Lithuania

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