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WEB & TECH / APR. 21, 2015
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How to Look Great When You’re Googled

Did you know that around 1 billion names are searched for in Google each day? How confident are you that when your name is Googled, positive content is shown?

The co-founder of BrandYourself, the company responsible for this infographic, was so frustrated with “losing opportunities” through employers mistaking him for a drug dealer that he decided to set up his own reputation management company. He was also fed up with the astronomical prices charged by reputation management companies, which quite possibly proved the catalyst for his venture, BrandYourself, a company that promises to help users look great even when “employers, clients and even dates” search for you on Google.

The infographic below outlines the importance of your Google ranking, but it also shows how various sites rank on Google. Interesting stats from the infographic include the following:

The infographic below not only outlines the importance of your Google ranking, it also shows how various sites rank on Google.

Key Points Include:

  • Only 2 out of a hundred people actually “own” their entire first page on Google
  • 25 percent of people have no “positive content” on their first page
  • More than 1 out of ten people have at least one negative result on their first page
  • LinkedIn profiles rank higher than all the others
  • Vimeo profiles rank higher than YouTube although the latter is more popular
  • For photos, go with Flickr, which ranks the highest of all the photo sites

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How much importance do you place on your Google ranking? Do you believe negative content has put potential employers off you? Share your comments below…

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