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CAREER PATHS / JUL. 10, 2013
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Love Fashion? – Check Out These Career Paths for Fashionistas!

Finding a job that you love is a challenge that many of us unfortunately fail at. We are almost programmed to believe that your job is simply that – just a job, and it is very rare for anyone to actually enjoy theirs unless they are a pop singer or Hollywood actor! But this is not the case, in fact, it is becoming much easier to find a job in a subject you love due to the ever growing range of university disciplines you can study under.

If you love fashion yet don’t quite have the bone structure or height to become a super model, fear not! You can still find a job that is fashion focused; giving you ultimate job satisfaction.

Check out these top jobs for fashionistas:

#1 Retail sales

Working in an environment where you are surrounded by the season’s latest fashion lines has got to be a dream for all job seekers who are passionate about fashion. Not only do you get to stay ahead of the fashion, but you will usually get great staff discounts on clothing in store. Rates of pay are usually competitive and working hours can be long, but if you love clothes, it is likely that the more hours you work the better!

#2 Personal Shopper

For this position, you will need to be one-step ahead of the fashion to ensure your clients wear only the latest and most fashionable items available! A great personal shopper will be able to get their hands on clothes that have not even hit the shops! You must have a strong sense of style and be aware of the trends, you must also be able to recognize your clients individual style and tastes. The average salary of a personal shopper is higher than a retail salesperson but lower than a stylist. If you have your own company however, you can make a substantial living.

#3 Stylist

Usually, stylist positions require candidates to hold a degree in fashion. Once you have got the necessary qualifications, you will typical begin your stylist career as an assistant to learn the ropes. Once you have gained some experience you can branch off as a freelance stylist where you can be doing anything from styling models on photo shoots, to finding the perfect dress for a celebrity client. Salaries for stylists with experience are often very high, especially if you are a stylish to the stars!

#4 Merchandiser

A merchandiser is the person responsible for designing how clothes or products will be displayed in a store in order to gain maximum customer attention and to show off the clothes in the best way possible. Visual merchandisers often make good salaries and depending on the type of store they work for, there may be opportunity for travel.

#5 Fashion blogger or writer

The next best thing to being surrounded by fashion is to write about it. Spending your days keeping your readers up to date with the latest trends, must haves and fashion don’ts will keep you busy and enjoying your job! Depending on whether you freelance as a fashion blogger, or you are a featured writer in a top fashion magazine, your pay will vary. Typically, a featured writer will make an extremely attractive salary, and get many benefits of working with celebrities, trying out new fashion lines and meeting designers!

How To Start A Success Fashion Stylist Career

Turn your passion into a job with this course to learn styling skills and begin working as a stylist! Do you love fashion and want to make money from it? Want to learn how to style women, and be known as a professional, well known stylist? Want to get flown around the world and work with some amazing brands? Then this course is for you.

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