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Love History? You'll Love These Exciting Careers Even More!


Many people do not realize the exciting careers that are available to those who enjoy history. There are several opportunities for those who appreciate history to work in a field that combines their passion for a subject with the chance to earn a rewarding salary. Those who love history often have an appreciation for research and excellent communication skills.

National Park Ranger

People with an appreciation for the past often have favorite events or places that they are fond of, and many careers can provide the chance to share these experiences with others. A career as a national park ranger is an exciting choice for those who love history and prefer to be outside working with the public. Park rangers guide visitors through the park and provide historical information about the area. For more options and responsibility, you can work as a director.


For those who prefer an office setting, a career as an archivist may be more suitable. Archivists can be employed by government agencies, colleges, or museums. An archivist is responsible for maintaining and preserving historical documents.


A career as a journalist is also a popular choice for a person with a background in history. Many magazines and television programs focus on historical events and need people with an aptitude for research and communication to study these events for their publications. This is a great option for those who can write well and get along with others easily.


Those with an interest in law or public relations may prefer a career as a lobbyist. Lobbyists work to influence legislators to vote in favor or against certain pieces of legislation.

Museum Curator

A master’s degree in history will provide even more career opportunities. A career as a museum curator can be exciting as a curator is responsible for choosing new exhibits, works of art and special guest speakers. The curator is also able to organize programs such as learning workshops to teach the public about historical events or artifacts.

Tour Guide Director

A master’s degree in history can also provide opportunities to advance to management positions, such as working as the director of a tour guide service or a historical exhibit. Many major cities have popular tour operations.

Whatever career path is chosen, careers centered around history offer the chance for flexibility. Historical places of all types need directors and guides. Most organizations have historical documents that need to be preserved, and that means careers are available in a variety of settings and cities.

Those who love history could easily find themselves working almost anywhere.

Informational credit to Norwich University, which offers a master’s in history online. 

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