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Love, Sex and Scandal - 5 Most Embarrassing Political Scandals

Love Sex and Scandal

Politics and power go hand in hand with sex and corruption; I don’t know why, I didn’t write the rules. Most of the time politicians, royalty and powerful people are very adept at keeping their dirty secrets, well dirty. Here are 5 scandals that left the realm of dirty little secret and became big dirty scandals.


The Cigar, the Intern and the President

Once upon a time the economy was doing well, people were grooving to Mc Hammer and Vanilla Ice and the Oval Office was occupied by a sax playing prez. The dot com bubble was inflating, the Housing bubble was too, and they didn’t seem like they were going to burst anytime soon. The sax playing prez though was a little bit of a philanderer and this put a kink in his schemes. A cigar, an intern and a stain revealed his misdeeds. His name was Bill Clinton and he spoke with a drawl, but impeachment made him see the Oval office from afar. (How’d you like my little limerick about Presidential scandal, maybe you found it a bit too much to handle?)

The Man with an Impossible Name 

Rob Blagojevich has an unpronounceable name, though politics was played like a dirty game. He tried to sell the President’s vacant but still warm State Senate seat when he was Governor of Illinois. He now resides in a Federal prison, and I’m sure he’s doing fine; Blagojevich was an amateur boxer in 1975 after all. It’s all fun and games until you get impeached and thrown in jail for 14 years.  

Il Cavaliere and the Underage Prostitute

OK, so I’m completely done with the rhyming, this one is entertaining enough on its own because of timing. OK, now I’m done. Berlusconi isn’t exactly the type of politician you would consider transparent. He has been accused of having ties with mafia, being involved in tax fraud and paying an underage prostitute for sex and then trying to cover it up. He is also infamous for his fat-mouth, once telling a German Member of the European Parliament he would be great as a concentration camp’s guard in a movie and telling the New York Stock Exchange to invest in Italy because they have the most beautiful secretaries in the world.

Pepe le Pew

Francois Mitterrand, President of France between ’81 to ’95, was married to his wife Danielle for 50 years. Don’t be so easily impressed though. I guess President Mitterrand never heard of “You can get hungry outside as long as you come home to eat” because he snacked all around town. When I say snacked, I mean screwed. All around town. At some point he had his mistress Anne Pingeot shacked up in an apartment, with a security detail all at the taxpayer’s expense. After Pingeot gave birth to their love child, Mitterrand went as far as illegally wiretapping media outlets to make sure his daughter’s identity was hidden. His excuse for the illegal wiretapping? Terrorists…

First you get the Money, then you get the Power, then you get the Women

Dominique Strauss-Kahn thought this was exactly how it would pan out for him when he became President of the International Monetary Fund. The particularity with women is that they aren’t like money and you can just take them, which was something that took Strauss-Kahn by surprise. In the debacle that cost him his position he was accused of raping Nafissatou Diallo who was a maid at the hotel Strauss-Kahn was staying at. Although charges were dropped from both this case and the alleged rape of a journalist Strauss-Kahn was implicated in a ring of prostitution, he still had to pay the piper and was charged with Aggravated Pimp, a title any rapper would be proud to have. Also feel free to follow me on

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Is there a noteworthy scandal that I missed? Well feel free to sling some mud in the comment section below.


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