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Lunchtime Lift: The Desk Warrior Workout

I know I'm guilty of it. We desk warriors work hard; between deadlines, conference call meetings, and running continuous (sometimes never ending) reports, it can seem almost impossible to get the motivation to workout after work. Even though our minds are wracked after a hard day at the office, our bodies have scarcely moved at all; and there's the rub, tired mind doesn't always mean tired body.

If working out before or after work simply isn't an option, there are a few simple workouts you can do right in your office. Not only will these moves provide you with a full body workout, they will help boost your mid-day energy level to help you finish strong during the daily rat race  So after you house that chef salad from the cafeteria, take the remaining 20 minutes of your lunch to get a quicky workout in and avoid the evening anti-workout guilt.

The Run to Nowhere

Yes, jogging in place may look easy to the casual passerby, but when done for a few minutes several times a day it can really get your heart racing. When possible, un-glue your bum from your office chair and take a run to nowhere. To step it up a notch (cuz that's how we roll), try high stepping or a high knee jog. Feel free to take this trip a few times a day to fend off lazy mid-day snooze urges.

The Desk Top Push Up

Pushups are great for arms, legs, back, and core. In the military, recruits must do pushups all day everyday - resulting in absolute ripped-ness. So grab some desk and get moving. Desktop pushups are considered incline-style pushups which can be easier to perform, but do not sacrifice body burn quality. Position yourself at the side of your desk and make sure your hands are spread shoulder length apart. Crank out as many pushups as possible in between filling out those pesky TPS reports.

Just Standing Around

Standing in place isn't exactly exercise but it is better than sitting. Every time you head to the copier, take a stand. While you're there, do a few squats or calf raises. This not only burns a few calories, it will also work you calves, thighs, and your bum. If squats at the copier aren't your thing, take a quick walk around the office to loosen up and get the blood flowing while you wait.

The Tricep Burnout

We did desk pushups, why not chair dips. Ask and you shall receive! Un-stick yourself from your comfy post and move your chair so that the back is up against the wall. Place your palms on the seat of the chair with your fingers facing outward. Set your legs out straight in front of you and get your dip on.

Water Bottle Biceps

We have all seen it; ole' familiar, the giant quart-sized water bottle you bring to work daily. Though using it to hydrate is an awesome idea, why not give this puppy dual use? Fill your water bottle up to the top and do some bicep curls. Though this particular exercise won't make you ripped, it will help build lean muscle and definitely burn up some calories while you read through your emails.

The Sitter

I know we are supposed to be fighting the urge to sit, but this move is a doosy. Start off with your body perfectly straight and arms at your sides up against your office wall. Slowly drop your body down bending only at your knees into the sitting position. Hold this for as long as possible. 

These workouts are best done on the fly, but if you're a stickler for scheduling, be sure to block some time out during your busy day for a few of these workout moves. If you're plum booked up for the day, you can perform these moves in succession during your lunch break. Be sure to stretch after your workout, it can help increase blood flow and send much needed oxygen to your tired office warrior brain.


Image via Healthy Living Magazine

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