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JOB SEARCH / JUL. 19, 2013
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How to Make a Good First Impression

Being interviewed for a job is often a nerve-wracking experience but if you are fully prepared then you will be more likely to make a good first impression. Many people agree that first impressions are what counts and if this were not the case then candidates being interviewed for a position wouldn’t make so much of an effort to look their best and plan wisely for the interview process.

How to make a good first impression

While it is fundamental to say all of the right things during your job interview, your actions and body language often speak volumes, particularly during those moments when you first walk through the door. Taking advantage of this opportunity could enhance your chances of being successful during the interview and ultimately improve your chances of being the selected candidate for the role.

Arriving on Time

The first factor that will influence people’s first impressions of you is whether or not you are on time for the interview. This speaks volumes about your timekeeping skills and therefore it is essential to ensure that you leave plenty of time in advance to ensure you arrive in good time for the interview.


As a candidate being interviewed for a job, you have the ability to control what people think of you, based on your appearance, body language, attitude and communication skills. By being well prepared and organized beforehand, you have the ability to strongly influence the hiring manager’s first impressions of you. This requires paying deliberate attention to what you are wearing, how you carry yourself, your reaction to meeting the interviewers for the first time and how you handle the rest of the interview.


Being properly presented – including grooming and clothing, play a significant role in how you will be perceived during the first moments of the interview. Body language and the level of confidence that you radiate will also play a powerful role, however it is important to consider that the first seven to ten seconds of entering the room are your opportunity to make a good first impression – these are the moments when first impressions are made. This will often lay the foundation for the remainder of the interview, thus if you get off to a bad start, this could have detrimental consequences on the rest of the interview.

Other factors that influence first impressions include ensuring that your hands and nails are clean and that any tattoos and body piercings are covered up.  It is recommended to apply a natural layer of makeup for the interview in order to come across as clean and well presented. Facial hair for men should be kept to a minimum.

Be at ease as best you can throughout the interview. If you are uncomfortable this will be picked up by the interviewer and you will come across as lacking in confidence. Finally, it is important to make a note of the names of the people interviewing you. This will allow you to put their name into the conversation wherever appropriate. 

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