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How to Make Easy Money While Studying

They say High School is where the best years of your life take place… I beg to differ. College was pretty freaking awesome. Except for that whole being broke aspect. That was a bit crappy.

But you know what? Just because you’re preoccupied getting that highly coveted degree, doesn’t mean you need to suffer an impoverished life.


You know why? Because you’re about to read how to make money while studying. Just a few simple steps.


I. Part Time Sacrifice

So the first choice is the obvious. Get off your butt, send out some resumes, and get yourself a part-time job. You’re in college. So you’re likely situated in a city or a busy small town. Seek out wherever the main street or mall is and then hit up every store and restaurant in the area. Don’t forget to dress professional (a simple button-up and khakis will do) and wear your best smile when asking the manager if they’re hiring.

These types of job guarantees a steady—likely minimum wage--income that you can count on being there every week (or likely two weeks) for your “school” expenses. Jaeger counts, right?

And if you’re a little social butterfly, this is also an opportunity for you to meet and befriend new people. It’s all about that networking game, baby.

II. It’s not crap. It’s gold.

What I’m saying is that you should make e-bay your best friend. Sell your “gold”. You know, all of those very invaluable items you’ve gripped harder than a shake-weight (or is that just me?) over the years. It might just be time to let go of those vintage Upper Deck NBA cards and put them up for a healthy profit.

Do you really need them? Do you really need most of that old stuff in general that have collected dust? If you haven’t used it all this time, you’ll likely never used it again. So put them to good use. Put them up for sell.

Afterward your pockets should be brimming with dollar bills, and your room liberated from the clutter. Granted, it isn’t a perfect process. It takes time to sift through all that old crap and put it up online, and you also have to pay a percentage to either Paypal or eBay for using them as a middle-man.

But hey, at least you aren’t starving, right?

III. Share Your Knowledge. Tutor.

Maybe you just a natural knack for certain subjects that many others struggle with. Or maybe you had really stellar SAT/ACT scores. Many parents are willing to fork over the dough to make sure little Jimmy or Jenna get their grades up high enough for the good schools to take notice.

So be the person they fork it over to! It’s not a bad gig at all. I mean you get to work with other young people at your own time. Totally flexible. Plus, you get to feed the altruist in you by helping someone else improve their quality of life.

On the flip-side, you’ll need to figure out the logistics. Will they be coming to you or will you be going to them? Whichever the case may be, you either need to procure a reliable form of transportation or a reliable space to tutor in.

You can make anywhere from $10 to $50 an hour—depending on the target market.

IV. Work In Your PJs

I got you there, eh? Oh yeah. Now you want it. Seriously though, this isn’t a pipedream. Thanks to the advent of technology, students can work online—with minimal effort—by going to sites like

Because you work remotely (from home) you don’t need to worry about additional expenses like travel, etc. And because you can do it from anywhere as long you have a computer and reliable internet, you could easily be doing some work while occasionally stepping in for a late-night round of beer pong with the boys. Although, I probably wouldn’t recommend that…quality tends to slip when drunk-working. Or so I hear.

Warning. This type of job is not suitable for the lazy and unorganized. Because you’re working from home that means you won’t have a supervisor hovering over your shoulder, making sure you’re getting things done—and getting them done right.

Earning potential depends on what jobs are offered and your skillset.


That’s it folks. A very basic, but eye-opening list of things you could be doing right now.

You deserve to eat better than Ramen Noodles.

Get some money pumping in…

And some real food.


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