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How to Make Meetings More Effective [Infographic]

Office meetings are one of the biggest time wasters at work. They are usually long, boring, pointless and no fun at all. In fact, research shows that up to a total of 31 hours per month are spent on unproductive meetings and almost $37 billion are lost in the process.  So what can you do to make them more effective as well as interesting?

This handy infographic from Business Travel suggests 9 ways you can make office meetings more productive, cost-effective and enjoyable for everybody. As it turns out, the secret to achieving this is in the details, so you might want to try out things such as keeping the team members down to a small number, having a clear agenda of what needs to be discussed and keeping your eyes on the clock.

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Have a look through the infographic and let me know what you think in the comments section below…

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