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How to Make Money with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the name of Google’s advertising network. It allows you to place targeted ads on your website and make money, depending on the number of clicks you manage to get from your visitors. Like anything else, monetising your blog in this way won’t make you rich in a couple of weeks. If you want to go ahead with it anyway, here’s what you need to know about it.

Get in the Program

To start with, you have to apply to Google Adsense. What Google wants to see from you before they authorise the agreement is that you have a privacy policy, quality content, and a navigation bar. They will also want Google Analytics installed so you can track your results. They also need to know how much traffic you get so they can price your ads based on the number of page views you get.

If you’re accepted, you should make a point of reading through the rules. Google enforces them zealously and won’t hesitate to dump you out if you’re found to be breaking them.

For example, you can’t click your own ads and you can’t have more than three ads per page.

Begin Advertising

Once you’ve figured out the rules you have to stick to, enroll yourself in the Adsense Academy. This is where you can learn direct from Google how to start making money from your blog. Adsense works by getting as many clicks as you can from your advertising. Most clicks will net you no more than a few pennies, no matter how popular your website is.

The goal is to gradually build up the number of clicks so these pennies can add up. Don’t underestimate how quickly your clicks can increase your payout.

Customise Your Ads and Site

Now you have to determine what sort of real estate you’re going to give up to advertising on your website. The most popular areas are the sidebar, below each blog post, and right at the top of the page. You have to carefully consider the design and layout of your existing website. You don’t want to put your readers off by publishing an ad that’s too ‘in their face’.

Testing is the most important part of this process. Try out new things for a week or so and compare how many clicks you’re getting to your traffic levels. If you’re losing traffic because of a badly placed ad, you’ll know to change it before it causes too much damage.

Within Google Adsense, you can customise the display of ads and the colours.

Ads, Ads, Too Many Ads!

Google Adsense already limits the number of ads on a website, but you have to think about what’s best for your readers. Different audiences have different tolerance levels when it comes to ads. At no point should your blog lose its organisation. Ads should weave into existing content without disrupting the user experience.

Diversify Your Ads

If after a few months you haven’t gotten the results you wanted, try something new. Google Adsense is one of many advertising networks. The way it does things is not necessarily how other networks do things. There are also a variety of ways to monetise your blogs. Advertising doesn’t always work for every website. Some people find better results from selling things like printables and eBooks.

Google won’t lock you into its advertising network. You’re free to leave it behind at any time, and this is what you should do. The last thing you want to do is continue a venture that’s not producing any results of note.


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