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How to Make the Most of a Corporate Training

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A corporate training can become an invaluable educational experience if certain steps are taken to provide the best learning environment for the employees. A corporate training involves a large investment of time and money so it stands to reason that management would want to make the most of that training experience. This article will address four steps that management can take to get the most benefit out of these trainings.

1. Ascertain Training Objectives

Making the most of a corporate training begins with first ascertaining the training objectives. For example, you may want to train your employees on better time management skills or customer service techniques. Perhaps employee retention is an issue at your company and you would like to motivate your staff. Planning a fun, engaging and educational corporate training event can help with any of those issues. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • What is the main issue of concern where employees need training?
  • What are the main goals management would like to see achieved?
  • Has a training module already been created or is a new one needed?
  • What is the estimated budget for this corporate training?

2. Designate the Trainer

After you have ascertained the specific training objectives and answered the previously mentioned four questions, you need to designate the trainer for this event. For example, maybe you have an individual in your management who is qualified to educate your employees on the issue. However, if you do not, you need to find a trainer as a guest speaker who is qualified. The following questions are important to answer.

  • Will the trainer be an in-house team member or a guest speaker?
  • What is the budget allotted to pay a guest speaker and the accommodations?
  • When is the event scheduled for and how much time do you have to prepare?
  • How many individuals will be invited to the event and what are the logistics?

3. Implement the Training

This step involves implementing the actual training program into the schedule and then hosting the event. In order to make the most of the training event, it is vital that the employees in attendance are motivated to attend and learn from the event. If the training module is dull and lacks the fun factor, the attendees will quickly lose interest and you won’t make the most of the event. Knowledge retention combined with actual goal achievement after the event is a key factor in knowing that you made the most of your training. This article provides five suggestions on how to get your employees to attend your event and actually profit from the training.  

4. Evaluate the Training

In order for a training to be beneficial for all parties involved, the delivery of the educational material needs to be effective. If you have done your job well—correctly ascertaining the training goals, designating the most effective trainer, and properly implementing the training—then you will make the most of the corporate event. This concept is valid in all types of companies, but especially true in the corporate setting because proper presentation is a must in these venues. To ensure that you have made the most of your training, the program module and completed event must be constructively evaluated. Follow the tips listed below.

  • Provide a method of review for the attendees to complete. It is important for management to ascertain whether or not the employees enjoyed the training, learned anything from the module and are interested in participating in future training events.
  • Create a review committee from amongst the management team members who will evaluate whether or not the training objectives were met and how well the implementation process was completed or whether it failed.
  • Be open to change and any constructive criticism that was received from both the employees and the management review team.

Creating an effective training program where you make the most of the event is achieved by following a specific plan. Throwing together a program in a haphazard manner will not help you succeed. If you follow the four steps outlined in this article, you will definitely increase your chances of making the most of the event.

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