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How to Make the Most of Gaining Feedback

If you want your company to have a hope of success in the highly competitive world of business, customer feedback is one of your most invaluable resources! Your customers are going to tell you what they think about your product or service, and you have two choices of what to do with that feedback: ignore it (big mistake) or use it to help you improve your product or service.

In order to ensure that you are gaining the maximum amount of feedback from your customers, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Add a comment form on your website -- When your customers browse your website, make sure that there is a space for them to email you with their comments and questions. Email is by far the most effective way to gather feedback from your customers, so make it easy for them to send you those emails with their comments.
  2. Consider sending out a survey -- Once you have compiled email addresses via your website, you should consider sending out surveys to your customers. A simple survey can provide you with quick feedback on important topics, and you’ll find that most people are happy to answer a short survey.
  3. Listen to comments made in person -- It’s always best to get in touch with your followers directly, and any comments that they make in person should carry A LOT more weight. If they want something changed, re-designed, or altered, it may be worth considering.
  4. Tune in to social media -- Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn: these are all effective tools to solicit and collect customer feedback. If your customers are happy with your product or service, they’re usually very happy to boast about it online. Customers who are displeased with a product or service are FAR more likely to complain about it. You should take comments on your social media account very seriously, and evaluate what people are saying in regards to your product or service. If more than a few people are saying the same thing, it’s time to sit up and take notice. (Remember, social media is one of the best ways to spread the word about companies--both positive and negative!)
  5. Ask your customers directly -- Instead of hoping that your customers will submit their comments and complaints to you, why not include a comment box on your site that says "How can we make our service/website/product better for you?" It can be featured on every page, and your customers can easily type in any comments or ideas they have. Not all of your visitors will do it, but it’s still a good channel of feedback to add to your site.
  6. Study your analytics -- Study your Google Analytics to find out which products are selling the most, which pages have the highest conversion rate, where most of your traffic is coming from, what your bounce rate is, etc. You can obtain a lot of insight into how your company is performing just by studying your analytics, and you can consider changing the way you’re doing things in order to raise conversion rates.

Gathering feedback is a good first step in increasing your business’s chance of success, so use the methods above to help you collect as much customer feedback as possible.


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