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Make the Right Hiring Decision with Facebook

Recruiting suitable employees tends to be challenging as the cost of a poor hiring decision can prove to be a burden to the company. This is why it is imperative to comprehensively scan and evaluate CVs and cover letter prior to interviewing candidates. Once you have determined suitable individuals for an interview, you need to properly assess them by aptitude tests etc. to obtain the best impression of their capabilities.

One of the methods of identifying possible employees is through social media, namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These platforms provide an outline of the candidate, helping you find any possible red flags.

Here are some tips on how to use Facebook for hiring:

Facebook Apps designed for Professionals

There are a number of applications that users can authorize in order to build their professional profile within the Facebook network. The information that these apps draw from individuals profile include their education background, work experience and current job title. Recruiters can use these apps to build their own company profiles and search through job seeker profiles to find suitable employees.

Actively Search for Talent

Many companies often overlook the power of incentives for recommendation of an employee. This is a system that some multinational corporations practice as it allows them to ask their current employees for recommendations and, in return of a new employee, they offer them a bonus. Use Facebook to ask your friends and employees to recommend others –by starting a group or even an event!

Refrain from Spamming!

As tempting as it is to post status after status on your company profile, don’t do it! If you company posts an update on Facebook 10 times a day, it is likely that you will receive many ‘unlikes’ on your fan page. If you want to advertise a job, be creative and make it interesting by using an image along with it. This will reduce the chances of it going unnoticed by Facebook users.

Social Media Recruitment: How to Successfully Integrate Social Media into Recruitment Strategy (Andy Headworth)

An excellent guide book for creating and implementing a social media recruiting strategy.

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