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STUDENT LIFE / JUN. 08, 2014
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How to Make the Transition From Being a Student to a Professional

Human beings go through many important transitions in life. You start your life as a new born, become a toddler, a young kid who slowly attains school age, then teenage, you then experience adulthood, parenthood and become a senior citizen before you meet the end.

One such important transition in life is when you start as a professional at work after many days in college. Unlike the other stages of life, this is a unique transition because you can actually prepare for the next stage of life or learn how to be a professional at work. You must be wondering how!

Here are some simple ideas that will help you prepare for a great career even as you are in college.

Build good relationships with your professors

Being friendly with your professors would naturally help you to overcome fear or intimidation. In a professional world where you will interact more with mentors and higher officials, this practice will do a world of good for your career advancement. It would do no harm to your reputation in college as you would continue to be your professor’s pet.

Practice office culture right in your classroom

You may practice all the good office habits right in your classroom. Few ideas you may follow include professional dressing, developing positive body language and showing your best behavior with classmates and professors. Being in class on time, submitting your assignments without delay and actively participating in class discussions can make you a diligent professional.

Good time to enhance your listening skills

College lectures are the most perfect platforms to hone your listening skills. You can grab the opportunity to completely understand the material presented and add value to the discussion by asking relevant questions or actively interacting with the subject. Apparently, it will increase your job readiness while you also pay attention to class.

Develop teamwork skills and leadership in college group projects

College group projects are the right platforms to practice job skills like decision making, critical thinking and solving problems. Never miss an opportunity to take part in group work, no matter whether you are chosen to work along with the team or lead your side.

Develop the habit of expecting challenges

Any employer would prefer candidates who tackle challenges well over the ones who are often stuck in the weeds. Therefore it would be a perfect practice for you to set goals and challenge yourself rather than maintaining a perfect GPA. You can look for challenging part-time courses if your actual academics are easy. Look forward to develop skills that are most likely to help you during your job. More importantly, learn to expect and accept challenges right from your young age.

Improve self-management skills

Your college is a great place to put your self-management skills into test. Learn the art of balancing yourself with regards to number of things around you. You can do these with exclusive tools like flash cards, planners and study groups. Avoid mobile phones and PCs while studying in order to stay focused. Practice makes you perfect and it would be smart to practice balancing study and leisure activities.

Look for Part-time jobs. They offer you all the exposure you need

Part-time jobs will not only take care of your small expenses and serve you for pocket money but will give you the much required exposure. However, you will have to bear in mind that you have to be choosy about your jobs. Choosing a job that is more likely to help you in your career would be a better option. Remember, there are plenty of part-time working opportunities for the young and energetic college students. At this age, it is better for you not to choose jobs based on their payments. Look for jobs that will be more useful to your career (full time jobs).

In the highly competitive world of today, it would be smart for young people to stay one step ahead. Hope the above ideas help you do just that! All the best!

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