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CVS / MAR. 16, 2015
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How to Make Your CV Searchable

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Creating a searchable CV makes you more visible to potential employers online and increases your chances of getting hired! While a typical job search involves sending your CV and completing numerous application forms, a successful job search goes beyond that as it requires that you go the extra mile and really put yourself out there!

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Since job boards are not dead yet in the world of recruiting, there is a huge chance that you can find your dream job by making yourself known online. Did you know that by just uploading your CV on popular job boards, such as FindEmployment, you can actually increase your chances of getting discovered by several top recruiters? Similarly, the same applies to exploiting the full potential of other professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Google+!

So, if you want to make your CV searchable, here is what you need to do:

#1 Add keywords

The key to making your CV more searchable is, of course, incorporating an SEO strategy that involves using keywords. These keywords should be chosen wisely as they need to be associated with search terms recruiters use to find suitable candidates. Also, they need to be as relevant to your field and the job role you are interested in as possible. Adding keywords will essentially differentiate you from other candidates who possess similar skills and qualifications, and position yourself at the top of job boards and professional networking sites.

#2 Make good use of repetition

Repeating keywords on your CV is of crucial importance as it helps your profile rank higher in searches. The secret to effectively using repetition of keywords without being dull or boring is varying the terminology of those words that you use to describe your skills and experience. For example, if you are looking for a marketing job, it would be effective to repeat words such as ‘sales’, ‘marketing’, ‘branding strategy’, ‘promotion’, ‘advertising’ and ‘PR’.

#3 Take into account keywords placement

Apart from choosing the right words, it’s advisable that you also choose the right place on your online CV to add these keywords. The best SEO approach is to include keywords in the personal summary of your CV since search engines catch upon those words that you used at the beginning rather than the ones you used in the body of your profile. When adding your keywords, make sure that you refer to those that describe the requirements of the jobs you are interested in. In this way, employers are able to see that you have what they need just by looking at your personal summary.

#4 Make use of action words

Lastly, in order to be more effective, you need to add some action verbs to go along with your keywords or important phrases, especially when you are describing your qualifications and skills. Again, have a look at the job postings to figure out what expressions and words employers are using, and do the same for your online CV. Also, check out this list of action verbs that you can use to get an idea of what it is expected of you.

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In order to make your CV searchable, you have to use keywords effectively on your online CV profile and actively promote yourself through your blog (if you have one), job boards and social media!

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