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How to Make your Daily Career Experience Spontaneous and Outstanding

Everyone seeks to have that spontaneous and outstanding career. Unfortunately, many approach this situation the wrong way. From Monday to Monday, it’s all about looking forward to that same old boring and exhausting workload. The values of passion and progress are slowly choked by the reality of cyclical and repetitive tasks. It’s no longer about delivering impressive results. It’s more about...

Maintaining that Job Threshold
So the salary isn’t that impressive and your work isn’t the heaven you’ve always hoped for in your career bucketlist. And when all passion for work is finally drained out, your career turns into this unfortunate affair that entails mantaining a job threshold just to make ends meet. Isn’t that what many people complain about these days? Plus, what’s the use of working more for less right? In any case...

The Job will ALWAYS be Boring and Monotonous
While some are really dedicated to their jobs, others are just plain bored so to speak. It’s just that the salary keeps them going. Plus, it’s not like they’re going anywhere right? I mean what’s the need of aiming for the moon when you can do fine with the clouds beneath the sky. Moreover, everyone wants convenience these days so it’s no biggie...

Unfortunately, it’s Common
It’s common for people to incessantly complain and anticipate for some messianic miracle to make their career dreams come true. It’s common for people to shift blame to external factors for their miserable careers. It’s common for people to flow with the majority and refuse to take responsibility of the repercussions. And why’s that? It’s because people are so inclined to convenience that they’re unwilling to make the necessary discomforting sacrifices necessary to bring their career dreams into fruition. Speaking of which, common sacrifices won’t bring about outstanding career results.

How then does one make their Daily Career Experience Spontaneous and Outstanding?

#1 Avoid Comparing Yourself with Others
Many of us hate to admit it but we do actually compare ourselves with others even when we don’t realize it. Case in point is when we’re walking down the street and we see these big and expensive SUVs being driven by our agemates and we wonder, where did we go wrong. Even when we watch interesting media personalities having the time of their life when discussing their careers, we use that as a direct yardstick in disqualifying our current preoccupations. Yes, it’s good to consider other people’s careers, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to demean your own. Instead, siphon out the tit bits that would make your career more exciting instead of merely being envious and feeling discouraged.

#2 Have a Daily Accountability and Reward System
We all love fun and relaxation. That’s why we always find ourselves look forward to the weekend with bated breath. However, besides the fun itself, there’s also the aspect of hard work. You see, food usually tastes the best when you’re really starved. Similarly, when you’ve worked really hard and experienced exponential results, that usually calls for a celebration. So learn to spoil yourself once in a while for a job well done and in doing so, you’ll never take those daily career achievements in vain.

#3 Stop Subscribing to Superficial Career Expectations
Expectations are woven in the very fabric of our ambitions in life. And when it comes to careers, there are superficial career expectations that form the very basis of jobs today. For instance, many would argue that a career in journalism is quite hectic considering the inconvenience of time especially. But, for outdoor adventurers, a career in journalism would be the perfect opportunity to get a free ride in exploring the world. Unless of course, it’s in a war zone. But the point is, when sceptics expect your career to be a boring and monotonous experience, make it your personal mission to prove to them daily that you don’t subscribe to superficial career expectations.

Making your daily career experience spontaneous and outstanding won’t be easy first. But with practice and a change of attitude, you can learn to be flexible yet consistent even during the most stressful and demanding of situations. As Aristotle once put it, "We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit."

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