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Make your Job Advert Appear at the Top in Online Searches

Advertising a job vacancy in an effective and efficient manner is the first step towards recruitment success. Through exploring a range of advertising options, employers are able to find which one is the most appropriate and profitable for their business needs.  Considering different platforms – online and offline – is an imperative part of finding a qualified and skilled candidate for your job vacancy. It is advised that employers carefully determine which job advertisement platforms they use in order to obtain the best results from their job posting.

Online job posting is one of the most favored methods of advertising a job as it enables employers to obtain exposure on a global and national level. Through online job posting, employers can target specific audiences in order to find the most suitable applicants. The following are some tips to obtain maximum benefits from online job posting:

Job Title Research

To make your advert appear top in searches, it is vital that you use an appropriate job title for your job post. Recruiters should conduct necessary research in the industry to establish which job titles are the most searched, thus determining which title to use.

Through searching for similar job posts, recruiters can ascertain how they would like to post their vacancy. Additionally, the job title should be as specific as possible to negate any chances of ill-informed and unqualified individuals applying.

Recruitment Websites

Websites that enable recruiters to advertise their jobs are one of the most effective methods of finding a suitable candidate. Through posting a job on a recruitment website, employers are able to target specific individuals in different parts of the world.

Moreover, options such as Job Bolding and Job Logo allow recruiters to highlight their job posting in searches thus obtaining maximum exposure. Most recruitment platforms also have the additional options of appearing on the homepage of the website through opting for “Featured Jobs” option.

Keyword Search

Keywords are the most important part of a job post. These are the words that people search for the most when looking in a particular field, therefore recruiters are advised to use keywords in their job posting. Through using a keywords tool such as Google AdWords, recruiters can find out which words get the most searches, and how many global monthly searches they obtain.

Through conducting the relevant research and using the relevant platforms, employers are able to find out which job advertisement platform works to their advantage. Appearing top in search results is equally important, hence using keywords and appropriate job titles will help target and filter in the most appropriate candidates for your job advert. 

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