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WEB & TECH / JUL. 28, 2015
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How to Make Your Resume Smartphone Friendly

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How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly
WEB & TECH / NOV 12, 2014

Google has given thought to dolling out penalties for websites that are not mobile-friendly. This has thousands of website owners in a panic to meet the mobile-friendly...

How to Make the Most of a Smartphone in the Workplace
WEB & TECH / JAN 14, 2015

There’s no doubt that smartphones can make your life easier – and that includes your work life. Still, there are many distractions and time-wasters that come with having...

How to Keep Your Smartphone Secure
WEB & TECH / JAN 19, 2015

Smartphones are one of the most important gadgets today. They can be effectively paired to other devices to share information. A Smartphone can be used to conduct mobile...

How to Be More Productive with Your Smartphone During Downtime
WEB & TECH / MAR 03, 2015

We all lead busy lives and most of us want to stay productive each day. When you find that rare downtime during lunch time, break time or while waiting for a meeting, do...

Bow Down to the Wonder of Your Smartphone
WEB & TECH / DEC 29, 2014

The modern mobile phone is one of the most remarkable inventions of recent times.  Indeed, so powerful it is that there is a tendency to overlook just how cool it is.  I...

use phone at night in bed
WEB & TECH / JUN 27, 2015

Admit it: you often browse through your Facebook when you know you really should be asleep. We all do it - the pull of the medium is so irresistible that we take it to...

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