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Managing Conflict with your Boss

conflict with boss

Every workplace should promote utmost professionalism, productivity and team work. However every now and then, problems arise that make the workplace a difficult place to be.

Nobody is perfect and problems will naturally occur between people. However if you are experiencing conflict with your boss or other members of upper management, then you will need to find ways to resolve the problem professionally.

Control your emotions

Conflict should never be focused on one’s personal emotions. Make sure that if you are experiencing conflict with your boss, you focus on the practicalities of the situation, rather than letting your emotions show through.

Take a step back and assess the situation. Keep a record of all the conflicts that have taken place in recent weeks. Detail how that conflict is affecting your workload and how it is potentially seeping into your personal life. Always keep the situation professional rather than honing in on how you have been affected emotionally.

Assess the situation from all angles

Understand that we are all capable of fault, so don’t think that the situation is completely flawless from your side. What are the underlying reasons behind the conflict? Are you able to admit that you went wrong somewhere along the lines? Who else has gotten involved?

From here, you should hold a discussion with your boss regarding the situation. Be careful not to focus the blame on them or on someone else. Listen to your boss’s response and try to see the problem from his or her perspective.

Talk behind closed doors

Avoid discussing the situation with your co-workers. This will be noted by management and you will only make the situation worse. Instead, keep quiet in the workplace, discussing the situation with your friends and loved ones instead. 

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