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Managing Stress at Work

Stress is interlinked with unproductivity and dissatisfaction in the workplace. These are considered to be the two worst issues one can face in the office; it is therefore the responsibility of the manager to ensure that stress is kept at a minimum for their employees. Regardless of the fast pace and challenging deadlines, you should strive to contain the stress in the office to ensure that your employees perform to their best ability. 

Additionally, stress is believed to cause low levels of concentration and a decrease in confidence of employees. It is therefore advised that managers and team leaders take measures to help their staff and offer them the guidance in order to reduce their levels of stress.

Here are effective ways to reduce stress in the workplace:


Despite how easy it sounds, poor organization is often the cause of stress in the office. If an employee is uncertain about their day-to-day tasks and expectations, they will be anxious and stressed about performing well. This is the reason why managers should take a step back, clarify and clearly communicate goals to each of their employees. An organized team will eventually lead to an effective and highly productive team.


Managers should take the measures to delegate tasks to each member of their team fairly. If you see a particular employee struggling to make deadlines and finishing tasks on time, it is advised that you spot stressed out employees and delegate their work load to help them out. While this is a minor change in their daily routine, it shows that you care and thus, motivates them to perform better.


Irrespective of the whether your company has a HR department or not, it is advised that you offer your employees personal support as a manager. Do not consider stress as a weakness in your employees, but identify it as an issue that needs to be resolved. Be a good manager by inspiring and encouraging your team to communicate their problems at work – essentially reducing stress in the long term. 

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