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Managing Stressed Out Employees

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Having employees in your department that are highly stressed out is enough to stress out any manager or head of department. A stressed out department equates to an unproductive department, which is the last thing that you want to experience as an employer. Employee attendance will drop, department morale will be reduced and overall company efficiency will weaken. Overall, there will be little progress within the department or company.

Learning how to manage stressed out employees in the best step towards workplace harmony. Rather than waiting for employee stress to reach breaking point, avoid allowing your employees to reach that stage by implementing some effective strategies.

Reduce conflict

Look out for personality clashes within your department and be sure to step in at the first sign of trouble. Encourage a good morale within the department by acknowledging special events in the lives of your employees (such as birthdays) and making a note to celebrate them.

Encourage idea building and sharing, and recognize employee achievements. Host team-building events and activities throughout the year, including excursions and trips. Employees look forward to these events and it gives them something to talk about whilst at work. Implement strategies that are appropriate for your business environment, and be sure to be consistent in what you do, so as to give employees the motivation to work positively.

Encourage support

By having an awareness of some of the challenges your employees face throughout their workday, workplace stress can be reduced. Be sure to remain tuned-in to the morale of the office and how your employees are feeling. Provide them with regular training and counseling sessions on stress management, and ensure your employees have the resources they need to efficiently complete their work. This will make them feel positive towards you as an employer, and they will want to do a consistently good job for you.

Maintain your stress levels

Maintaining your own stress levels is fundamental in reducing or eliminating employee stress. Take responsibility for improving your own physical and emotional well-being and avoid allowing irritable or anxious thoughts to spiral out of control. Be sure to take regular breaks, manage your time efficiently and exercise on a regular basis.

Ascertain problems

Get to the root of employee problems before they develop or escalate out of control. Carry out regular audits on employees and conduct reviews. Communication is key to reducing employee stress and thus by carrying out reviews, this will give the employee an opportunity to offload any workplace stresses or worries you may have.

Physical surroundings

Are your employees comfortable? Have you provided them with the essential equipment they need to get through the day satisfactorily? A full day of work involves extensive hours sat at a desk. Employees often become downhearted or disappointed throughout their work day, particularly if the work they are doing is repetitive or monotonous. Provide them with a positive working environment, including comfortable work stations, good office lighting and comfortable seating. Implementing such measures will assist in reducing or avoiding office stress.



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