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Marijuana Industry Expected to Grow By 200,000 Jobs in 2015

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A marijuana job placement company has predicted 2015 to be a year where at least 200,000 jobs will be created around the U.S.

WeedHire—a business that connects cannabis employers with employees—recently reported that last year Colorado alone added 10,000 jobs to the weed industry.

Companies located in Nevada and Illinois is relying heavily on the plant’s ratification this year so that they can start building their cannabis empire.

However, states like Florida are struggling to gain the approval of marijuana as a lucrative medicinal product. After losing the proposal by 100,000 votes, the state hopes to reconsider sometime this year or next year.

Now that 23 states, including Washington D.C., have passed laws supporting the legalization of selling cannabis, researchers expect the market to grow by 700 percent in the next five years. Within the same timeframe, the industry may very well see its profits rise to nearly $50 million.

According to employment growth data pulled from WeedHire’s 2014 report, dispensary jobs increased by 90 percent—followed by medical (70 percent), administrative (65 percent), and sales (56 percent).

Marijuana operations are also attracting the accounting, technology, agriculture, legal, hydroponics, and electrical fields.

The working field is growing rapidly for the industry’s business-driven supporters, and WeedHire says most of it starts with them.

"We’re in a unique position because as a site to connect employers with employees in the marijuana industry, we have direct access to the data," notes CEO of WeedHire David Bernstein. "We can see the types of jobs and positions available, salary options, prior experience, as well as where they’re located. Employers are hard at work building their business and growing quickly."

Who is Being Hired?

While most people expect "potheads" to be the ones running the show, in reality, 80 percent of the industry’s workers do not partake in marijuana activities.

"People who work in the industry even now tend to be very serious about it," Bernstein said. "They’re not looking to get stoned all day."

President Lauren Fraser of Auntie Dolores in Oakland, California, says that her company mainly chooses "versatile people who can wear many hats, feel comfortable with change, and are self-motivated movers and shakers."

A female’s welcoming personality is a top pick for the marijuana industry when it comes to working in sales and marketing positions. Most women can expect to attain a successful career in this field.

Therefore, this industry is more than just getting "high," according to people who work in it.

The Industry Continues to Gain Support

A group that has always been in opposition to the legalization of marijuana is now supporting the industry.

In 1969, only 12 percent of the country favored the passing of marijuana.

Throughout the years, parents have been in complete disagreement with weed as a legal drug. Yet, a 2013 poll found that a growing number of parents are changing their outlook.

The survey discovered that 70 percent of parents support the legalization of weed only for health reasons while 35 percent support it for leisure purposes.

Also, the biggest contribution to the growth of the marijuana industry is the nearly 50 percent of people who say they favor decriminalizing the natural drug.

Market researchers anticipate that these percentages will continue to grow within the next few years.

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