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How to Market a Product in Australia

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Product marketing can seem like a difficult task for the new business owner, marketing director or an employee of a similar stature. However, marketing a product in Australia is made easier by online learning resources which are made available by the Australian Government Administration website. This article will share an insightful account of the various sources for those tools identifying some of the key methods contributing to how business owners can market a product in Australia.

Resources to Market a Product in Australia

There are various resources available to business owners which can assist in the best way to market a product. The Australian Government Administration website offers some information on marketing. According to the AGA, “a successful marketing plan can help you reach your target market, boost your customer base and, ultimately, increase your bottom line.” When a business owner creates an effective marketing plan, it helps in further developing the product or service to meet the needs of your target market. Many business owners may feel intimidated by trying to figure out how to market a product. However, when you have valuable resources to assist in the journey, the process becomes much easier.

The AGA developed a free Marketing Plan app called MarketMyBiz which is available for Android and iPad devices. The app provides a template which can help business owners get started in developing a marketing plan and achieving their sales goals. The agency worked with various business consultants to develop the app. There is a concise process that business owners can follow as detailed in the list below.

  • Identify the target market for your product or service
  • Ascertain how you can meet the need of your market
  • Identify your competitors
  • Identify what your target market thinks about your competitor’s product
  • Position your brand so your target market can see how your product is better

The tablet app also includes the following features:

  • User-friendly tips that prompt and guide the user through each aspect of the plan
  • Comprehensive system that tracks the sections you’ve already completed
  • Capability to tailor the plan and remove sections that don’t apply to your business
  • Option to save your marketing plan as a PDF, email it and save it to the “cloud”.

The AGA also offers a find a business advisor program. The search program helps business owners find government-funded advisory services which are located in the individual’s local area. The search process is simple. Users enter the type of business and marketing advice they need, along with their postcode. The contact information for the consultant is provided and the user is free to get in with the expert. They also have a grant finder and event finder resource on the business advisor page.

Steps on How to Market a Product in Australia

Step # 1: Network with Other Business Owners

It is important to network with other business owners at networking events. is an organisation which offers networking opportunities and venues for various business associations to network together and get involved. For a business owner who is seeking to market a new product or service in Australia, this is an excellent chance to receive educational marketing opportunities and network with other business owners. These events provide the opportunity to be energized, challenged and inspired in cultivating your own marketing plan and succeeding in your product promotion efforts. There are cases studies for your review as well as a search program on the website to locate events in your local area.

Step # 2: Understand the Advertising Possibilities

Tourism Australia is the statutory authority of the Australian Government which is responsible for both international and domestic tourism marketing and forecasting. The agency officially began in July 2004. Through this agency four separate organisations are brought together—The Australian Tourist CommissionSee AustraliaThe Bureau of Tourism Research and Tourism Forecasting Council. For the savvy business owner seeking to market a product in Australia, he or she should be open to connecting with Tourism Australia. This agency can provide the following for business owners.

Step # 3: Increase Your Product Exposure

It is also important once you have done your target market research and created a comprehensive marketing plan, to exhibit at trade shows. This is an excellent opportunity to build your brand awareness and share sample products with potential customers or clients. A second option toward increasing your product exposure is to connect with product bloggers who have large audiences. Two examples are listed below.

  • has listed the Top 50 Australian Beauty Blogs to Watch. If you have a type of beauty, skin care, hair care product etc. that you are marketing, getting connected with some of these top product bloggers would be helpful to your campaign.
  • Digital Parent Collective is working with brand teams to connect them with their parent bloggers through to form successful partnerships. They offer business owners the opportunity to have their products reviewed, become guest bloggers, participate in twitter and blog parties, giveaways and other blog advertising venues amongst their 1500+ parent bloggers in the network.  

Step # 4: Utilize Social Media in Your Marketing Plan

It is important to have your product stand out by using digital technology. Utilize social media outlets such as FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInPinterest and Instagram for social influence in engaging with customers and cultivating customer loyalty and trust.

Marketing a product or service in Australia is made simpler by the resources from the Australian Government Administration, which is listed in this article. The MarketMyBiz app is a useful resource which meshes marketing theories with technology. The AGA Business Advisor is another helpful online tool which can provide a viable educational option. Also by following the four steps outlined in the article, your journey to marketing your product will be made easier.


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