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How to Match Your Career Choice with a College Degree


Deciding on a career field can be overwhelming. However, if you take the time to go through a simple decision-making process, you’ll be able to better match your career choice with a college degree. Doing your research is the best way to make an informed decision for your career path.  

Determine What Degree Category Your Interests Fall Under

The first important step is to ascertain your interests and determine what category field you are most interested in. The following list details the general fields of study and what their sub-categories are.

  1. Business Administration – marketing, management, financial services, human resources, entrepreneurial ventures
  2. Medical Field – registered nurse (RN), certified nursing assistant (CNA), healthcare administration, medical billing, health insurance underwriter
  3. Educational Field – any type of teaching field or school administration
  4. Social Services – human services, social work, psychology, counseling and social work administration
  5. Computer Sciences – networking, web design, ecommerce, information technology, social media
  6. Political Science – police, department of corrections, courts, law and criminal justice
  7. Liberal Arts – English, history, sciences, geology and anthropology
  8. Engineering Field – design, building, testing and repair in the following fields: civil, mechanical, electrical, computer hardware, biomedical and aerospace.

Utilize Online Resources to Assist You in Your Career Path Search

SkillCow is a website that helps career-minded individuals to put the various puzzle pieces together in order to ascertain the best career path for their lives. The following are the puzzle pieces—attitude, sources, reaction, drive, mobility, presence, focus, patterns and compensation. Your brain is already “wired” to perform in a certain way so what better plan is there than to figure out your personality traits and match them up with the perfect career path. offers a free skills test, a listing of professional traits, a section to browse various careers and how to ascertain your career by testing your traits.

College Board offers free membership to individuals who are seeking to determine how to match the perfect career choice with a college degree. Some benefits of utilizing this online website are: finding a college to suit specific educational goals, research careers, create a personalized career plan and connect online with mentors and students. also offers the opportunity to individuals to take a free personality assessment which can assist in determining the correct career path. The test results provide you with a listing of suggested career paths and what you’re most suited to as determined by your specific personality traits.

Occupational Outlook Handbook was created by The Bureau of Labor and Statistics. A listing of hundreds of occupations has been compiled. The handbook is very user friendly and all occupations are listed by field and include the following major categories—highest paying, projected fastest growing, projected most new jobs. This feature is highly effective for individuals who are career minded and want to do their research. For example, if you are interested in becoming an Editor, the handbook provides some quick facts. The current median pay is $53,880 per year and $25.90 per hour. The entry level education required is a Bachelor’s degree. You can also view this information in the handbook to find out more on the other categories each profile lists which are: work experience, on the job training, number of jobs, job outlook and employment change. 

Research Information Online Regarding the Various Degree Programs Offered

There are online tools which can assist career minded individuals in locating the best college or university for the degree of their choice. Some of the tools which you can utilize in your search are listed below.

  1. Academic Info is an online tool which helps individuals find the best online classes and universities. They offer free, independent and accurate information.  
  2. Degree Match is another online tool which provides information on online degrees, college campuses and universities and financial aid. They have an online degree matcher and a college matcher which offers a listing of the perfect schools for you. Simply input your choice of study and degree level and you’ll receive your listing of recommended schools in seconds.
  3. All Schools is a specialized online tool which lists online degree programs and campus and university programs which offer degrees in the following fields: acting, cooking, photography, medical schools, bartending, dental, law and liberal arts.   

The most important factor when trying to match your career choice with a college degree is to stay focused and do your research. The process can seem difficult at times, but stay determined and don’t lose heart. Find other mentors to guide you while you are making your decisions.


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