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Mayor Promotes City’s Youth Entrepreneurship Loans

In a forum organized by Nu Skin on August 15, Mayor Hau Lung-bin paid tribute to the speaker Dr. Muhammad Yunus, a Bangladeshi Nobel Peace Prize laureate who has helped lift roughly 100 million families out of poverty.

Expressing his welcome to the dignitary, Hau remarked that Yunus created the concept of “microcredit”. He also founded the Grameen Bank (Village Bank), granting loans to impoverished women, giving them a chance to change their own life.

Echoing the views of the speaker, Hau pointed out the city government is also stepping up its effort to assist young men and women in realizing their dreams, referring to the interest-free youth entrepreneurship loans. A total of 194 individuals have benefited from the policy since April, 2011.

Hau added that the City also offers loans for students planning to study abroad – whether for a Master’s Degree, a PhD, or certification in specific areas. He believes that with the provision of resources and opportunities by the government, the younger generation will be more willing to pursue their dreams.

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