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Medical Billing Job Scams

Individuals seeking a ‘work from home’ job within the medical industry often fall victim to sophisticated medical billing scams. These types of scams usually advertise short hours, ability to work from home, and the opportunity to make thousands of dollars every week, and as such, lure hopeful recruits very easily. The organizers of medical billing scams are not concerned with helping individuals or consumers, instead they are only concerned with making money from you, and fast.

It is important that you know how to sport a medical billing job scam. Below we have listed the typical ways to identify a medical billing scam:

  • Medical billing scam adverts usually appear on the internet, some however appear in classified section in newspapers.
  • The adverts for these scams may be positioned beside genuine medical job vacancies to make them appear more authentic and credible.
  • There is usually a promise of extravagant money making opportunities with few working hours.
  • Experience is not normally requested.
  • The contact number provided is usually a toll-free number where more information about the opportunity can be found.
  • Once you have given your contact details, or have contacted the number provided, you will be enticed by sales reps into accepting the business opportunity.
  • There will usually be a fee to pay, and this can be up to several thousands of dollars in order to launch the medical billing business.
  • You may be offered software of contacts for your medical business, at a cost.

Job seekers must know how to protect themselves from falling victim to medical billing job scams. By using the tips below, you can determine whether the promoter of a medical billing business opportunity is genuine or fake.  

  • Request that the promoter/sales rep gives you names of previous purchasers for reference purposes.
  • Ensure that the people you call for references are not hired by the scammers to give positive testimonials.
  • Get advice and consult with organizations dealing with medical claims processors in your local region.
  • You can also consult with doctors in your local area to ascertain which organizations they use for medical billing, or whether they do their own; this will help you to ascertain the potential for profit.
  • Carry out background checks on the promoter; this involves checking with the Attorney General’s Office, consumer protection agencies and Better Business Bureau’s among others, to ascertain whether the promoter has any complaints made against them.
  • Where the medical billing opportunity states that software will be provided, be sure to check with the software company to find out if there are any problems associated with the promoter or with the software.
  • Be extra cautious and enlist the services of a business advisor or lawyer to check over the business opportunity, its scope for profit and the best ways to proceed.
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